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NDX introduces ramp proximity safety solutions
NDX Central reduces aircraft ground damage and identifies operational risks that lead to near-misses and accidents. Its proximity-based record keeping increases accountability when performing ATA 103 inspections.
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US-based technology company NDX has unveiled NDX Central, a patent-pending, online platform enabling real-time operations and safety management by leveraging connected devices, aggregated data streams and proprietary algorithms. NDX Central's software modules include Collision Prevention, Inspections and GroundOps, all aimed at reducing aircraft ground damage, enhancing FBO safety and improving operational awareness.

NDX is first launching the Inspections module, making it commercially available to business aviation on 1 January, 2023. The Inspections module utilises NDX's hardware and software solution enabling proximity-based record keeping. Subscribers can perform ATA 103 fuel quality and safety inspections using a handheld device. It will then launch the Collision Prevention and GroundOps modules.

CEO Jordan Hiller says: “We have developed an overall safety solution for business aviation enabling FBOs to reduce or eliminate aircraft ground damage and misfuelling with our integrated software safety solution. We are excited to work with Pentastar Aviation as one of our launch partners for the Collision Prevention module, where we will kick off one of our first full system beta trials in Q1 next year.”

Greg Schmidt, president and CEO of Pentastar Aviation, a full service business aviation operation headquartered at Oakland County International airport in Michigan and a programme launch partner, adds: “Pentastar Aviation is committed to safety. Working with NDX and implementing its easy-to-use proximity technology will keep us at the forefront of the industry by enhancing our ability to provide the highest levels of safety and service excellence.”

NDX is in various stages of development of its core products and feature enhancements, including additional proximity safety solutions for ramp capacity utilisation, hangar planning management and ground support equipment maintenance. The company's goal is to provide a comprehensive product for ground safety and handling in one single source.

NATA president Curt Castagna adds: “NATA is excited to welcome NDX as its newest member. Its technology enables FBOs of all sizes to improve safety and increase accountability.”

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