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Honeywell unveils next-gen efficiency platform
Honeywell's improved flight efficiency programme adds advanced analytic capabilities to its existing Forge Flight Efficiency product to help customers reduce their operating costs, both in the air and on the ground.
The platform will offer advanced analytical capabilities and an improved user experience.

Honeywell has launched a newly enhanced and redesigned Flight Efficiency platform to provide insight to aircraft operators to help them make enhanced decisions around fuel utilisation. Previously known as Honeywell Forge Flight Efficiency, the platform is also being renamed as Honeywell Flight Efficiency. The cloud-based offering is easier to scale and faster to develop, enabling innovation with better performance and an improved user experience.

Honeywell Flight Efficiency analyses and simplifies streams of disparate data from a wide variety of sources, allowing aircraft operators to develop, implement and measure initiatives that help them make educated decisions around reducing aircraft operating costs. The rebuilt offering delivers several benefits to customers, including advanced data analysis capabilities, a new user interface, faster performance and more scalable architecture.

“This platform is aligned with the practical and immediate needs of our customers,” says general manager, services and connectivity Karen Miller. “The aviation industry is facing unprecedented increases in fuel and other operational costs. It is imperative for everyone in the ecosystem to work together to reduce operating costs while also creating a more sustainable future for aviation. Honeywell is ready to help our customers meet these sustainability challenges with Honeywell Flight Efficiency.”

Flight Efficiency includes in-air and on-ground solutions for flight operations, fuel managers and maintenance personnel in a single user interface. By providing alerts and identifying savings opportunities, the solution can help operators maximise profits while improving workflows among pilots, ground maintenance and operations to increase productivity.

More than 3,000 aircraft currently rely on Honeywell Flight Efficiency. Key features of the platform are:

- Emission visibility: Reducing fuel consumption is a good way for an operator to cut emissions while reducing operating costs. Honeywell Flight Efficiency is designed to help customers make fuel efficiency decisions, assisting them with their efforts to reduce direct fuel costs as well as potentially minimising the additional cost of offsetting carbon emissions.

- Advanced trajectory analytics: Machine learning algorithms can automatically detect flight events and procedures such as automated shortcut detection, holding detection, acceleration altitude reduction and continuous descent operations, among others.

- Deep data analysis: Airlines can use the platform to analyse multiple disparate sources of data simultaneously to measure performance and derive insights. Users can either choose the pre-defined analytics and reports or define their own custom queries.

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