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Alto makes noise for 25th anniversary releases
Alto Aviation is celebrating 25 years by expanding its MySound portfolio with the home theatre Soundstage special edition and new app-controlled features. Have it as loud as you like, it won't strain your ears.
Alto Aviation founders and partners VP of engineering Steve Scarlata and president Don Hamilton at NBAA-BACE 2022.

Alto Aviation has expanded its Alto MySound portfolio with the Alto Soundstage 25th anniversary Special Edition, a seat-centric 6.2 home theatre experience that offers the most powerful cinematic audio for business aircraft, achieving acoustic reproduction that makes the passengers feel a complete spatial acoustic experience as if they 'step up on the stage'.

Easily controlled by the Alto cabin control app or fit-compatible Cadence keypads, the special edition offers powerful, clear, immersive sound that will exceed the most demanding acoustic expectations; greater than the sum of its audiophile quality speakers and premium digital amplifiers, it is an unrivalled 6.2 cinematic listening experience providing aircraft with a home theatre area in which the passengers will experience movies, music, sports and video games with complete spatial immersion.

Alto Soundstage 25th anniversary Special Edition uses proprietary advanced digital signal processing (DSP). Optimal cabin speaker placement and precise cabin audio tuning using the DSP puts all passengers in the sweet spot, with no need for cumbersome adjustments. Two powerful Alto subwoofers produce an even deeper 40Hz, providing more impactful and unrivalled solid bass. Symphonic, jazz, rock music, action movies and gaming can be experienced with immersive cinematic quality at any volume level without distortion or strain on the components or the listeners' ears.

The features and sound quality of this offering rival any home or cinema system available:

- Rich, balanced immersive 3D digital surround sound for every seat in the media zone.

- Six elegantly integrated mid-high loudspeakers with two powerful subwoofers.

- Invisible speakers immerse all listeners in the purest, most powerful, audiophile-quality Alto MySound.

- Unrivalled distortion-free concert hall sound levels are reached with power to spare, thanks to Class-D digital amplifier outputs, Sinewatch distortion elimination, DSP and dynamic signal compensation.

Alto's exclusive onsite tuning process and signal processing guarantees that every Soundstage audio system will immerse the listener in powerful, coherent, high-fidelity surround sound, who will be able to hear every soft-spoken word and still be wowed by explosions without touching the volume.

“Alto Soundstage 25th anniversary Special Edition is our way to thank all OEM and aftermarket customers for 25 years of selecting Alto as their trusted partner for premium cabin audio systems," says VP of engineering and R&D Steve Scarlata." Our system is truly unrivalled, achieving over 105 dB, equivalent to a rock concert, using less amplifier power; this is accomplished by using proprietary, highly efficient and light loudspeaker and amplifier technologies. All the energy produces clear, distortion-free audio with no wasted power and heavy components. The focus is on the sound output, not the power input. It's the ultimate cinematic experience for business aircraft, truly love at first sound.”

The company has also introduced app-controlled Alto MySound features, including optimised VIP Focus and Podcast mode that can give passengers the most powerful immersive VIP surround sound for life-like, realistic and dynamic audio quality with smooth and powerful bass response.

The new VIP Focus customisation allows the selected seat to be placed in the centre of the action. With the touch of a button, a simple Cadence keypad or a swipe on the Alto cabin control app, the bass from all the subwoofers is digitally focused for maximum sonic impact.

The mid-high speakers are time-aligned and individually equalised for a perfect sweet spot at the passenger's ears. The speakers behind the VIP seat can provide the surround channels for an unrivalled surround sound cinema immersion.

VIP Row Surround optimises the listening experience for the VIP row of seats, a fully tuned stereo mode for the whole cabin and a new Podcast mode that allows the passengers the ultimate customisation.

Alto's system master controller dynamically controls the DSP in the Alto amplifiers to set up custom EQ configurations selected by the passenger. Different sound profiles are achieved with spatially balanced speakers. Alto's approach allows for retroactively repurposing previous Alto cabin audio systems, adding these new features with minimal changes to the architecture.

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