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Deutsche signs a follow-on maintenance contract with Private Wings
PWF's round-the-clock operation requires dependable and accessible maintenance provision. It has renewed its maintenance contract with the skilled engineers and technicians at Deutsche Aircraft in Oberpfaffenhofen.
Deutsche Aircraft COO Nico Neumann with Private Wings Flugcharter CEO Peter Gatz.

Deutsche Aircraft has signed a follow-on maintenance contract with Germany-based business aviation operator Private Wings Flugcharter (PWF). PWF is one of the largest D328 operators in Europe, with a fleet of nine D328-100 turboprops and one D328 jet, having its base at the general aviation terminal of Manching airport near Ingolstadt.

PWF CEO Peter Gatz says: “To operate around the clock on a varied schedule of flight missions all over Germany and Europe means that we must have the security of a dependable and accessible maintenance provider. We have enjoyed a good working relationship with Deutsche Aircraft management and its skilled engineers and technicians at Oberpfaffenhofen these past five years and are delighted to renew our maintenance contract with it.”

Deutsche COO Nico Neumann adds: “Private Wings is a reliable business partner of ours, maintaining high standards within the aviation industry. This new contract continues the strong and long relationship between both companies, and we are happy to be the exclusive service provider for the coming years and provide our valuable customer with continued support and reliability of the fleet of D328 aircraft. Furthermore, Private Wings and Deutsche Aircraft share the same vision of more climate-friendly regional aviation.”

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