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Honeywell's Aspire 400 gains Bombardier certification
Honeywell has achieved certification for its Aspire 400 satellite comms system on Bombardier platforms. Operators now have high-speed voice and data communications that will increase operational efficiency.

Honeywell has received approval on a supplemental type certificate (STC) from the FAA for the installation of its Aspire 400 satellite communications system on Global Express platforms. This marks Honeywell's first aftermarket STC for Aspire 400 and makes installation immediately available on Global Express platforms. Validation of the STC by Transport Canada and EASA is expected in the coming months.

The Aspire 400 system provides high-speed voice and data communications for cockpits and cabins in a compact, lightweight package with low power requirements. Using this system, aircraft can securely communicate with air traffic control and the operation centre. The system also provides broadband data rates that enable electronic flight bag, telemedicine and standard IT applications.

“The approval of this STC is a significant achievement for Honeywell and Bombardier Global Express operators and owners,” says senior director, cockpit communications Mark Goodman. “Aspire 400 provides pilots with a highly reliable and secure link to support enhanced cockpit applications to drive operational efficiency.”

Aspire 400 enables the functionality supported by previous satellite communications systems but in a much smaller, lighter package that uses less power. The system marks the start of a new era of cockpit connectivity and aircraft operation as the first and only Honeywell satellite communications solution to offer connectivity via Inmarsat's SwiftBroadband-Safety service. Aspire 400 meets current industry standards associated with communications safety and security requirements for aircraft products of this type, ensuring improved protection of critical cockpit communications.

The Aspire 400 system permits reliable and essential communication for pilots and crew on any aircraft type. Using segregated channels for secure operation, it supplies safety voice and data services for the aircraft cockpit and non‐safety voice and data services for the aircraft cabin. The system can improve fleet management, mission effectiveness, maintenance and flight operations. Aspire 400 can be the data pipeline for transmitting real-time data from the aircraft to the ground, including aircraft health and performance data used for predictive maintenance.

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