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Fusion installation is a first for Chartright
The Pro Line Fusion integrated avionics installation is Chartright's first on a Canadian Challenger 604. The aircraft also underwent a 96 month airframe inspection, GoGo 5G installation, paint and interior refresh.
Canada’s first Pro Line Fusion avionics suite installed in a Bombardier Challenger 604. Photo: Stephen McMillen.
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Canada-based Chartright Air Group has successfully installed the first Rockwell Collins Pro Line Fusion avionics suite in a Canadian aircraft in conjunction with Mid Canada Mod Centre.

The Pro Line Fusion avionics suite provides enhanced efficiency, reliability and safety. The system includes synthetic vision, touch screen interactive maps, multi scan weather radar with advanced predictive threat assessment, advanced flight management system, localizer performance with vertical guidance, future air navigation system capabilities for overseas and continental digital ATC comms and controller pilot data link communication capability for flights within Europe.

The upgraded flight deck reduces pilots' workload and improves operational efficiencies. The Pro Line Fusion avionics organises data by phases of flight, allowing pilots to better focus on the task at hand.

"The Pro Line Fusion integrated avionics system installation marks another first-in-Canada accomplishment for Chartright Air Group, demonstrating the commendable capability of our aircraft maintenance business unit working with our partners," says vice president maintenance Constantine Tsokas.

Along with the Pro Line Fusion upgrade, the Challenger 604 underwent a 96 month airframe inspection, GoGo 5G internet installation, full exterior paint and an interior refresh.

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