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JetASAP releases operators hourly cost report
In an activity report based on quotes from on demand charter operators, JetASAP says that its flyers have seen an overall 11 per cent average decrease in hourly rates through the 2022 summer months.
JetASAP's activity report shows the hourly costs for on demand charter operators.

Charter marketplace JetASAP connects flyers directly to over 700 charter operators, commission free. From its position over the past two years connecting flyers and operators through the app, the company has accumulated valuable charter rate data not published before.

Although fuel prices have impacted charter pricing, JetASAP clients have seen an average decrease in hourly rates from operators month over month. Recent results, gathered through the summer, have found that flyers receiving quotes through the platform have seen a 17 per cent decrease in turboprop prices; light jet and mid jet prices have seen an average decrease of 12 and 20 per cent respectively; super mid jets have remained relatively static; and heavy jet prices decreased overall by five per cent.

Private air travel is evolving and JetASAP has chosen to evolve with it. The app allows clients to receive direct access to charter operators without any commissions, prepaid jet card memberships or high buy-in costs. By connecting flyers directly with aircraft operators, clients are able to receive true, direct pricing, fast. Clients receive an average of six quotes per trip request and may begin receiving quotes as quickly as five minutes from the request.

All average hourly rates are based on actual occupied passenger flight hours from take off to landing.

JetASAP hourly rates are based on direct quotes from charter operators' flight charges received through the platform. Data was collected from June through August 2022 and is based on 3,687 quotes received by flyers through the app. Hourly rates are 'All In" and include FET, fuel surcharges, as well as daily minimums, if applicable.

Recent examples of quotes received by flyers through JetASAP include:

Salt Lake City, Utah - Jackson, Wyoming (turboprop) King Air 200 @ $5,900.00

Milwaukee, Wisconsin - Key West, Florida (turboprop) King Air 350 @ $15,765

Lake Charles, Louisiana - Gulf Shores, Alabama (light jet) Citation Encore+ @ $10,000

Washington DC - Jackson, Wyoming (light jet) Learjet 45 @ $28,000

Phoenix, Arizona - Indianapolis, Indiana (mid jet) Learjet 60 @ $22,127

Pontiac, Michigan - Palm Beach, Florida (mid jet) Learjet 75 @ $17,155

Santa Ana, California - Scottsdale, Arizona (super mid jet) Citation Sovereign @ $17,820

Oakland, California - White Plains, New York (super mid jet) Citation X @ $34,500

Palm Beach, Florida - Teterboro, New Jersey (heavy jet) Challenger 850 @ $18,543

Atlanta, Georgia - Burbank, California (heavy jet) Falcon 2000 @ $43,030

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