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Aerowise tools up for improved service offer
LABACE first timer Aerowise has partnered with VOO for its booking platform and with 360 Jet Fuel to offer an ever wider range of airport services.
Aerowise celebrates a partnership with VOO and 360 Jet Fuel.

Argentina-based Aerowise has partnered with VOO, a digital platform for searching, booking, paying for and managing private jet charter flights, and with 360 Jet Fuel, a full service aircraft fuelling platform.

“I am very happy with the partnership with VOO, and I am honoured to be, from now on, responsible for its development and growth in Latin America,” says founder and ceo Perla Fagundez. “Our challenge is to always look for new tools to make life easier for those who use executive aviation on a daily basis.”

With the VOO platform it is possible to see aircraft availability, prices, details of each model and relevant route information on a single page.

"With Aerowise and its ceo, Perla Fagundez, we are happy to have found a professional and experienced partner," says VOO ceo Robert Plhak. "Perla is a well-connected business aviation professional in Latin America and has years of experience in the charter business as well as in software distribution. We look forward to our upcoming collaboration with the Aerowise team, our first distribution partner, as well as our future collaboration in LATAM.”

The partnership with 360 Jet Fuel aims to offer Aerowise customers a tech platform that will help manage fuel supply issues. 360 Jet Fuel uses technology to offer a full range of services from ordering and clearing to bill payment at large airports as well as small regional airports. The company brings its expertise to serve not only executive aviation, but also commercial passenger and cargo flights.

“With 360 ​​Jet Fuel, we want to offer an even wider range of innovative services to optimise the flight experience,” adds Fagundez.

Aerowise has a global service network and offers full support for pilots and passengers. The 60 year old company is based at San Fernando International airport in Buenos Aires. Support and services offered include handling services in Argentina and Uruguay, coordination of international flights and the provision of new technologies through exclusive partnerships.

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