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Green Card gives Elit’Avia clients access to sustainable flights
With the Elit'Avia Green Card, all flights are certified carbon-neutral; good for the environment and good for business, because it is a competitive advantage driven directly by client demand.
CEO Michel Coulomb.
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Business aircraft sales, leasing, charter and aircraft management services provider Elit’Avia has introduced the Elit’Avia Green Card, a jet card programme that offers carbon-neutral charter flights with the transparency of all-inclusive fees.

The company has developed a comprehensive service that ensures the carbon neutrality of charter flights. Calculations estimate average CO2 emissions generated per flight hour for each aircraft type. Then, carbon offset credits are purchased and investments are made in certified projects worldwide.

In addition to carbon neutrality, the card provides holders the freedom to fly on their own terms without long-term contracts or hidden fees. It is said to be the ideal solution for clients flying 25-100 hours per year and offers one the biggest jet card service areas in Europe, spanning the continent and extending to North Africa and the Middle East.

“The Elit’Avia Green Card responds directly to the needs and values of today’s private aviation charter client,” says ceo Michel Coulomb. “All flights are certified carbon-neutral, which is now a baseline requirement for a growing number of travellers. Plus, the convenience, transparency and cost-efficiency of the jet card model are well-established. We are bringing the benefits of private aviation to clients while facilitating their pursuit of carbon-neutral air travel.

“Our clients want to reduce their greenhouse gas emissions. And thanks to our industry expertise, we can facilitate that process. Not only is this doing the right thing for the environment, it’s good for business because it has become a competitive advantage, driven directly by client demand.”

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