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Wisk puts SCOPE to work on AAM deployment
Wisk’s SCOPE platform can simulate millions of real-world trips in metropolitan areas across the world and model the travel behaviour of an entire population by leveraging data and machine learning.

US-based electric air taxi developer Wisk Aero has released its latest white paper that shares the details of its proprietary, data-driven, microsimulation platform SCOPE (Simulation, Coordination, Optimisation, Planning and Engagement).

Wisk's SCOPE platform provides industry-leading insights that enable the efficient, thoughtful and responsible deployment of advanced air mobility (AAM) within a given geographic area. The platform also allows Wisk to better understand and inform infrastructure and policy development, build stronger partnerships with industry and communities, and propel the AAM industry forward in an informed and socially responsible way.

“At Wisk, we are committed to being responsible members of the local communities that we serve,” says CEO Gary Gysin. “We want our future services to be available, accessible and useful to everyone, from college students to executives. Wisk's SCOPE platform provides us with the critical insights needed to make informed, data-driven decisions and ensure that future services have a positive and meaningful impact for local communities.”

Powered by granular travel-demand data, machine learning and large-scale GPU-based parallelisation, the SCOPE platform can create complex simulations and develop models that will help support partner engagement (technology, city/local government and local communities); provide guidance on the development of AAM infrastructure; inform route and network planning recommendations; accommodate sustainability and equity considerations across diverse sociodemographics and markets; more accurately predict potential economic and financial impacts; and inform internal strategic business decisions, engineering strategy and concept of operations (ConOps) development.

“With AAM poised to revolutionise urban transportation, it is critical for AAM companies and their city partners to leverage advanced modelling and simulation tools, to ensure the responsible and equitable distribution of AAM services,” says head of product intelligence and systems simulation Pavan Yedavalli. “Using our SCOPE platform, we can simulate millions of real-world trips and model travel behaviour in metropolitan areas across the world, while also measuring the impact of AAM integration into the local transportation network. The data gathered from these simulations are then used to inform and refine our strategy and ensure that we are making decisions that benefit the communities that we serve.”

Wisk's SCOPE platform is powered by data and inputs from multiple sources, including Otonomo, the platform powering the mobility economy. This data, combined with Wisk's SCOPE platform proprietary algorithms, help translate qualitative inputs into quantitative insights, allowing Wisk to be more thoughtful and comprehensive in its approach to AAM integration.

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Head of government relations will speed Archer commercialisation
August 25, 2022
Archer is now focusing on the regulatory framework for bringing its eVTOL aircraft to market. Michael Romanowski will align Archer's objectives with emerging policy and regulations.
Archer aims for third phase of flight testing
August 11, 2022
Archer has completed the second of three key flight test phases, validating the Maker's crosswind capabilities and flight control system. It is now shifting quickly to expanding forward flight speed towards full transition.
Archer tasks FACC with supply of key fuselage and wing elements
July 20, 2022
The supply agreement with FACC is another key step on Archer’s continued progression towards its goal of achieving type certification of its production aircraft in 2024.