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Alpine Aerotech

Bell 505 Jet Ranger X


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Alpine Aerotech 3D prints headset hangars
Headset storage is a common problem in all types of aircraft, so Alpine Aerotech worked with a DAR to develop installation criteria that can be applied to any model.
Universal headset hangers installed in the cabin of a Bell 505.

Utilising the latest additive manufacturing equipment and materials, Canada-based helicopter maintenance and product development company Alpine Aerotech has successfully designed and produced a user-friendly hanger to stow headsets inside the cabin of most aircraft.

Aerotech's 'universal' headset hanger can be installed in any type, or model, of aircraft as long as it is located outside of the head-strike envelope (defined in their installation manual). The hanger can be installed using existing #10 or ¼” fasteners in the aircraft. Alternatively, for areas without existing fasteners, Aerotech offers click-bond studs that can be quickly bonded to most surfaces inside the cabin.

“We know headset storage is a common problem in all types of fixed wing and rotorcraft,” explains manufacturing manager Taylor Wilson. “We worked with a DAR to develop installation criteria that can be applied to any aircraft.”

Specific to the Bell 505, Aerotech has also designed a kit that allows the removal of the OEM DG clamps on the ceiling between the pilot and co-pilot seats. The straight forward installation requires minor drilling and can be completed by a single technician in about an hour.

All kits and installations are constructed of materials that conform to FAR 25.853 and have been found appropriate by a Transport Canada delegate (DAR) to satisfy the requirements of minor modifications per CAR 571.06.

Other News
Alpine Aerotech gains STCs for Bell stowage compartment
November 12, 2023
The aft pedestal stowage compartment uses dead space between the crew and aft facing seats, providing storage for items accessed by the pilot and co-pilot, perfect for flight manuals, radios and other belongings.
Select Bombardier aircraft gain Gogo 5G connectivity upgrade
October 18, 2023
Staying seamlessly connected at all times is paramount for Bombardier customers, and the OEM is pleased to be working with Duncan Aviation to provide the latest 5G ATG connectivity solutions for their aircraft.
Skyservice receives TC approval for Gogo 5G on Challenger 300
October 6, 2023
DART gains approval for Bell 505 utility basket
October 3, 2023
Developed for the utility and VIP market, the basket allows operators to externally carry skis, cargo hooks, tools and equipment, and a variety of other items safely.