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Flying Colours Corp.

Flying Colours Corp.

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Flying Colours gains corporate shuttle conversion
When good aircraft are hard to find and new production aircraft waiting times are long, conversions provide a solution for those who want to quickly access aircraft. Flying Colours' latest is a CRJ 200 regional airliner.
The client anticipates using the aircraft to satisfy rising charter demand from corporate customers, sports teams and music group tours.

MRO company Flying Colours Corp has confirmed the signing of an agreement for a CRJ 200 regional airliner conversion. The new client, a charter operator customer, anticipates using the aircraft to satisfy rising charter demand from corporate customers, sports teams and music group tours to strengthen its fleet portfolio at a time when business aircraft are in high demand.

The corporate shuttle interior will feature 29 seats, with six business jet seats and a divan at the front of the cabin and a further 20 seats configured airline style at the aft of the cabin. Gogo Avance will power passenger connectivity, keeping travellers productive and entertained in flight. Further cabin comforts include storage at the fore and aft of the cabin for small suitcases and other carry-on items, as well as additional storage for small items such as briefcases, purses and laptops in the side ledges. A forward galley and aft lavatory also feature.

Externally a new fuselage paint scheme will be applied at the company's paint shop in Peterborough, Ontario. Each of its conversions is delivered with a two year warranty, and maintenance performed by Flying Colours as required. The CRJ conversion work will be performed at facilities in Peterborough and St Louis, Missouri.

With airline routes reduced due to Covid-19, many regional jets are now hangared by airlines who are willing to discuss sales for conversion purposes.

“Business aviation needs an influx of available aircraft, and the airlines are looking to sell," says executive vice president Eric Gillespie. "The regional jet conversion provides an excellent choice for owners seeking a fully customised aircraft and we have seen more inquiries in the last six months than the last few years. We can adapt the design to specific budgets, while delivering an as-new aircraft inside and out for a competitive fee. In a market where good aircraft are hard to find and new production aircraft waiting times are long, conversions provide an excellent solution for operators who want to quickly access aircraft.”

Flying Colours has already performed more than 30 regional jet conversions along with some 15 green CRJ 200 VIP completions. Efficient re-entry into service is supported by numerous supplemental type certificates it holds for this type. Flying Colours has delivered aircraft in every possible configuration: corporate shuttle, VIP, medevac, special mission, multi-purpose and in its own VVIP ExecLiner format.

Featuring a 14 seat, highly customised interior, the finished ExecLiner airframe is comparable in size to a large cabin jet and has the performance characteristics of a super midsize jet, delivering customers a spacious, mid-range aircraft for a lower cost. Flying Colours has also design engineered optional auxiliary tanks that extend range from to 2,000 nm up to 3,100 nm.

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