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TMAP joins Joby and SKT to bring air taxi service to South Korea
South Korea’s largest mobility platform will join Joby and SK Telecom to bring aerial ridesharing services to Korea. TMAP holds transport and mapping data that will inform the design of routes and infrastructure.
Together with SK Telecom, Joby will integrate emissions-free aerial ridesharing into TMAP’s transport services.

California-based developer Joby Aviation has confirmed that TMAP, South Korea's largest mobility platform, will join Joby's partnership with SK Telecom to bring aerial ridesharing services to Korea.

As Korea's largest mobility platform, TMAP holds an unprecedented amount of transportation and mapping data gathered over the last 20 years. This data will inform the partners' design of optimal air taxi routes, infrastructure networks and an overall mobility service that suits the preferences of Korean consumers. TMAP also jointly owns on demand ride-hailing app UT along with Uber, a partner to Joby since 2019, which will enable multi-modal journeys that seamlessly integrate both ground and air travel. Together with SK Telecom, Korea's leading telecommunications company, TMAP and Joby will work together to integrate emissions-free aerial ridesharing into TMAP's transportation services.

“TMAP's deep knowledge and understanding of mobility needs across Korea, along with millions of daily users across Korea, make it a great partner and platform through which to bring our aerial ridesharing service to customers,” says head of partnerships and corporate strategy Justin Lang. “South Korea is a remarkable opportunity for our aircraft to improve lives and save people time, and working with SKT and TMAP puts us in the best position to deliver a revolutionary service that is clean, quiet and affordable.”

Joby and SKT previously agreed to work closely on introducing emissions-free aerial ridesharing to Korean cities and communities in support of the 'K-UAM' (Korean Urban Air Mobility) Roadmap laid out by the South Korean Ministry of Land, Infrastructure and Transport. TMAP Mobility CEO Lee Jong Ho said: “By cooperating with Joby, TMAP will become a platform operator that can offer a seamless transportation service between the ground and the sky.”

While Joby's aerial ridesharing service will be operated directly by the company and offered to passengers via the Joby app or Uber app in core US markets, Joby intends to partner with local companies to launch its service in select international markets.

With a maximum range of 150 miles, a top speed of 200 mph and a low noise profile that will allow it to access urban areas, Joby's piloted eVTOL aircraft is designed to make convenient, emissions-free air travel an everyday reality.

TMAP is a wholly-owned subsidiary of SK Square, a separate publicly traded company that forms part of the SK Group.

Other News
Joby receives $10m to support California expansion and jobs
November 20, 2023
The grant enables Joby to accelerate early manufacturing in California to support its ongoing type certification programme with the FAA, as well as for initial commercial operations and apprenticeship training.
Joby and Volocopter focus on the quality of life of New Yorkers
November 16, 2023
The mayor of New York City has hosted a public event showcasing multiple eVTOL aircraft, and announced the city's intention to electrify its heliport. Volocopter and Joby dazzled with their first, very quiet, flights.
Joby begins flight testing with pilot on board
October 5, 2023
Four Joby pilots have completed flights on board the electric air taxi at Joby’s production facility in Marina, California. Flying with pilot on board marks a critical step on the company’s journey to commercial operations.