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Joby JAS4-1

1   New aircraft sales representatives   

  • Typical passenger capacity:   4
  • Cruise speed:   174 kts
  • Active fleet worldwide:   0
  • Available for charter worldwide:   0
  • Production dates:   Currently in development. Scheduled to enter service 2025
  • Piloted, all-electric vertical takeoff and landing (eVTOL) air taxi

Manufacturing data
For detailed information about the manufacture of this aircraft, please consult our sister publication Airframer: Joby S4
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U.S.A. Joby Aviation, Inc.
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News from Business Air News
Second of four FAA reviews in the bag for Joby
December 15, 2022
Certification is a key focus for this nascent sector, and Joby has completed its second system review. The aircraft design is on track to meet FAA expectations for system-level safety, redundancy and architecture.
Joby pioneers home-to-airport transportation for Delta customers
October 20, 2022
Delta has committed $60m to deliver a Joby-operated home-to-airport transport service for its NY and LA customers. The partnership will be mutually exclusive across the US and UK for five years following launch.
Joby applies for Japanese aircraft certification
October 20, 2022
Joby intends to bring its eVTOL technology to Japan; a new agreement between Japanese and US aviation regulators is streamlining the process.
July 20, 2022Joby charts a path to UK aircraft certification
May 31, 2022Joby receives FAA Part 135 certification
May 23, 2022Joby acquires Avionyx to support FAA certification testing
May 12, 2022It's all quiet on the Joby front
May 5, 2022TMAP joins Joby and SKT to bring air taxi service to South Korea
March 28, 2022Joby resumes flight testing of eVTOL aircraft
March 21, 2022Joby completes initial FAA reviews and submits cabin safety plan
March 16, 2022Joby nears completion of Part 135 certification
March 10, 2022Joby prepares for eVTOL pilot training
February 16, 2022Joby and ANA to bring AAM to Japan
February 14, 2022Conformity testing marks Joby's next phase of certification
February 8, 2022Joby advances South Korea air taxi service
January 9, 2022Joby increases flight test capacity in support of FAA certification
January 4, 2022Joby completes acquisition of radar developer
December 8, 2021Rinaldi joins Joby advisory board
September 4, 2021NASA and Joby work together to assess eVTOL noise
August 20, 2021Joby to list on NYSE with a lift from RTP
August 9, 2021Joby takes decisive steps towards Part 135 certification
July 19, 2021Joby partners up with JetBlue and Signature for sustainability
June 21, 2021Joby aircraft to land on REEF's rooftop sites
March 19, 2021Joby Aviation enjoying life in the fast lane
March 1, 2021Joby reinvents itself as it looks to advance eVTOL
February 15, 2021Joby meets with FAA approval and adds Garmin
December 14, 2020Uber puts money where its mouth is for Joby
January 21, 2020Joby raises $590m for vertical air taxi launch
Press Releases
Joby opens Washington DC office02/08/2021