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Elbow River acquisition expands Blackcomb's Bell fleet
Believing the aviation industry requires consolidation in order to remain competitive, Blackcomb has acquired fellow Canada-based helicopter operator Elbow River. The transaction provides additional aircraft and personnel.
Blackcomb general manager Tim Boyle.

British Columbia, Canada-based helicopter touring and heli-services company Blackcomb Helicopters is expanding to Alberta with the purchase of Elbow River Helicopters, a long standing helicopter operator based at Springbank airport near Calgary.

"We initially reached out to Elbow River to discuss purchasing a single helicopter but once we visited its operation at Springbank airport, we knew very quickly that we had complementary operational approaches and this would also be a strategic acquisition for Blackcomb," says general manager Tim Boyle.

Combining the two companies adds two additional Bell 212 machines to the Blackcomb fleet, including a B212 HLP BLR DF engine machine, increasing Blackcomb's ability to serve its growing utility operation customers in Alberta and in southeast British Columbia.

All Elbow River employees were offered employment with Blackcomb Helicopters, and Blackcomb is thrilled to have them on board. The base at Springbank airport, which includes component overhaul tooling and capabilities, will become a major focus for Blackcomb's medium helicopter fleet maintenance. Future operations will take place under the existing Blackcomb Helicopters Aircraft Maintenance Organisation (AMO) and Aircraft Operating Certificate (AOC) approvals. Torrie Chartier will be staying on as Blackcomb's regional manager, with Derrick Shillington as chief engineer Bell aircraft.

Elbow River founder and owner Bruce Holloway will serve in an advisory role. He adds: "This acquisition fits our belief that the aviation industry requires consolidation in order to remain competitive. I'm very proud of the company we have built with our dedicated aviation professionals and team at Elbow River. We have worked hard to stayed focused on our skills and serve our customers of southern Alberta and southeastern British Columbia. Blackcomb has been great to deal with and will enhance and provide additional depth with more aircraft and personnel at the Springbank base. I am extremely pleased that our aviation professionals, who have been like family to us, have the Blackcomb Helicopters and McLean Group family to support them on their continuing journey."