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Gulfstream continues G280 enhancements with lower cabin altitude
Following a record sales year, Gulfstream has added features to its G280. A lower cabin altitude means less strain on the body and LED lights bolster visibility in flight and during ground ops.
The G280 now has a lower cabin altitude and exterior LED lights.
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Gulfstream Aerospace is continuing to invest in its super-midsize Gulfstream G280 with the addition of an even lower cabin altitude and new LED exterior lights. The new enhancements follow a record sales year and exemplify Gulfstream's ongoing commitment to the G280.

“The G280 continues to set the standard for the super-midsize class, and we are seeing outstanding levels of interest from customers around the world,” says president Mark Burns. “This past year marked a record sales year for the G280, validating that our continued investment has been well-received.”

Ongoing research and development coupled with excellence in interior outfitting has allowed Gulfstream to introduce an even lower cabin altitude for the G280, reducing it from 6,000 ft to 4,800 ft at a 41,000 ft cruising altitude. The new lower cabin altitude means less strain on the body, leaving customers even more relaxed and refreshed when they reach their destination.

The G280's new exterior LED lights bolster aircraft safety through increased visibility in flight and during ground operations. This upgrade also boasts reduced maintenance requirements and improved reliability.

The improved cabin altitude and LED lights will be available on new G280s mid-2023 and for existing customers as an optional retrofit.

In the past year alone, the G280 has been equipped with Gulfstream's plasma ionisation clean air system; its Controller-Pilot Datalink Communication is now FANS-E compliant; and vertical separation minimum validation intervals were increased from 24 to 96 months to reduce aircraft downtime.

For customers who choose the G280 avionics upgrade V3.6.1 there is SiriusXM graphical weather with real-time updates; dual electronic charts to help create a paperless flight deck and reduce pilot workload; a surface management system that provides aural and visual cues to alert pilots to unsafe ground and arrival operations and helps prevent runway incursions; and access to vertical weather and predictive windshear information.

The G280 is certified for steep approach and has recently been certified to FAA Stage 5 noise standards. It is the only aircraft in its class with Visual Advantage credit, giving select operators authorisation to dispatch and begin instrument approaches in low-visibility conditions below published approach minima.

The G280 cabin offers multiple floorplan options and seats up to 10 with a four-place conference table. It features Gulfstream's cabin management and high-definition entertainment systems, 19 large windows, access to baggage at high altitudes and multiple connectivity options, including a high-speed Ka-band satellite system.

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