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Banyan receives STC for HondaJet AVANCE L3 installation
The FAA has issued Banyan Air Service an STC for HondaJet Gogo AVANCE L3 installation, which means HondaJet operator clients can offer passengers the same wi-fi speeds as they are used to on the ground.
The Banyan avionics team: Lynn Juengel, Craig Chin, Dan Marinelli, Jorge Valdez, Danny Santiago, Lou Homsher, Bruno DeSouza, and Ramon Gordon.

Fort Lauderdale Executive airport, Florida-based Banyan Air Service has received FAA supplemental type certificate SA04214NY for the HondaJet HA-420 Gogo Avance L3 wi-fi installation.

The Gogo Avance platform is a domestic solution system for all the business needs and mission requirements that the HA-420 is capable of, offering speed and functionality along with moving map functions, cabin management system integration/functionality, and movies/media content available on all the user's personal electronic devices through Gogo's personalised Vision app.

"We are excited to provide HondaJet operators with the latest in connectivity solutions," says director of avionics Danny Santiago. "The Avance L3 enables passengers to work, socialise and have access to information and entertainment in the air as they are used to on the ground."

The HondaJet Gogo Avance L3 STC is the culmination of a year-long project that Banyan is excited to offer as an in-house installation as well as a standalone STC data packet sale to all in-network Gogo dealers.

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NetJets extends connectivity relationship with Gogo
February 12, 2024
A 10 year agreement allows NetJets to upgrade its entire fleet of aircraft to the Avance platform, with Gogo 5G and LEO satcom services for US aircraft and Galileo for European ones.
Banyan dedicates crew for Gogo Avance installations
February 9, 2024
As the 2026 deadline for Gogo Avance upgrades approaches, so Banyan has arranged a skilled crew at its master technician facility at KFXE to facilitate demand for system installations.
HondaJet maintenance capabilities expand in southeast US
January 22, 2024
Elliott readies for Gogo Avance upgrade demand
January 14, 2024
Technicians at Elliott Aviation will streamline the upgrade process by setting aside dedicated floorspace and labour hours, so there will be less downtime and more flexibility as the network migration deadline approaches.