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Fly Louie reveals starter figures for WholesaleFlex
FlyLouie aims to reduce an operator’s exposure to the time-consuming task of converting requests into deals. Its WholesaleFlex programme booked 5,000 hours of private charter business in Q4 2021.

As charter demand surges, FlyLouie recognises that the challenge for operators is not capturing demand but protecting flight crews and equipment while growing margin. Its WholesaleFlex team converts requests into bookings on their behalf. Since its launch in June 2021 it has connected more than 25 private charter operators with large wholesale buyers, negotiating commercial terms and relationships designed to deliver long-term success for both parties. In Q4 2021, Fly Louie booked more than 5,000 hours of wholesale charter trips on aircraft enrolled in its programme.

WholesaleFlex integrates with an operator's scheduling system, enabling its team to work with information such as pricing guidelines and fleet availability. Fly Louie fields quote requests, negotiates on behalf of operators, confirms owner approvals and crew availability, and seamlessly hands off bookings to operator flight teams to manage flight details.

Haskin Aviation enrolled in the service and was subsequently able to increase its hourly rate by 20 per cent. Owner and CEO Dean Haskin says: “They know the market, and their process makes it easy to monitor. Since enrolling, my team has been able to focus on our direct customers and nurture those relationships as well as trip logistics.”

The Fly Louie WholesaleFlex team includes industry veterans Dan Morrison, Matt Dalton and Liberty Feliciano ,who collectively have more than 40 years of experience in charter sales and operations. They combine extensive quoting expertise, strong broker relationships and Fly Louie Alliance relationships with more than 200 private charter operators.

The company reports that private charter operators enrolled in WholesaleFlex have seen quote response times up to 75 per cent faster, sales conversion rates up to three times higher and margin improvements of up to 60 per cent relative to the ad hoc charter trips they negotiate themselves. Furthermore, the programme has helped multiple operators receive certifications to access premium priced trips from reputable wholesale buyers. Smaller, independent charter operators are gaining access to better opportunities, while providing buyers with much-needed aircraft and flight crew supply.

Chick Gregg of Air Unlimited adds: “Not only does Fly Louie quickly respond to quote requests and deliver a high conversion rate into bookings, but it has become a true partner, helping us to optimise our wholesale programme and in areas outside of our in-house expertise.”

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Fly Louie selects Wyvern platform to support Alliance
May 5, 2022
As Fly Louie looks to scale its revenue-generating activities on behalf of Alliance members, Wyvern's ACES data platform is an important addition to its suite of tools.
Cutter named Alliance Preferred FBO by Fly Louie
April 17, 2022
Three Cutter locations at Albuquerque, Deer Valley and Sky Harbor have been added to the Fly Alliance Preferred FBO network, ensuring that its FBOs will continue to be preferred by Fly Louie Alliance members.