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Honda Aircraft delivers 200th HondaJet
Two hundred deliveries and no sign of slowing down; since 2017, HondaJet has been the most delivered aircraft in its class. Upgrades have expanded the capability and safety of its Elite S variant.
The HondaJet Elite S is said to be the fastest, farthest and highest flying aircraft in its class.
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Honda Aircraft Company has marked a major milestone by delivering the 200th HondaJet.

Deliveries of the HondaJet began soon after the clean-sheet aircraft received its type certification from the FAA in December 2015. In May 2018, the company introduced the HondaJet Elite, with an extended range of 1,437 nm, new avionics features and new styling. In May 2021, new upgrades to the design with the HondaJet Elite S increased the aircraft's maximum take off weight by 200 lbs and added new avionics features to further expand operational capability and reduce pilot workload in order to maximise safety.

The HondaJet has been certified in over 13 countries, with total flight hours of over 98,000.

“Since 2017, the HondaJet has been the most delivered aircraft in its class, and we continue to see high demand thanks to its unmatched performance, comfort, efficiency and innovative design,” says president and CEO Michimasa Fujino. “The delivery of the 200th HondaJet is a reflection of its superior capabilities and reliability, as well as the extraordinary customer support of our team members. We will remain committed to our customers by ensuring that the HondaJet Elite S continues to set a new standard in business aviation.”

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