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Atlantic Aviation offsets carbon at Aspen
Colorado FBO Atlantic Aviation has introduced a carbon offset programme at Aspen airport, the latest in a series of initiatives aimed at net zero airport emissions.
Carbon offsetting is the latest sustainable initiative at the Aspen FBO.

Aspen/Pitkin County airport FBO operator Atlantic Aviation has launched a carbon offset initiative in which every gallon of jet fuel for commercial and private aviation at the airport will be offset to be carbon neutral through verified carbon credits purchased by the company. The offset programme will be embedded in all future aviation fuel sales, both jet and avgas, at the airport.

The programme is the latest in a series of sustainable initiatives being implemented by Atlantic Aviation at the Aspen FBO with support from administrators and community leaders in Pitkin County. These initiatives aim to reduce the greenhouse gas footprint generated by aircraft operations whenever possible, and position the airport as a national leader in sustainable aviation practices.

"We are very pleased by the implementation of these sustainability initiatives as they are consistent with the Aspen/Pitkin County common ground recommendations to address climate change," says airport director Daniel P Bartholomew.

“The new carbon offset initiative reflects the airport's commitment to being a national leader in sustainable aviation practices,” adds Atlantic Aviation general manager Jonathan Jones. “While the availability of elective purchases of carbon offsets has recently increased within the aviation community, we are pleased to take the commitment a step further by having carbon offsets embedded in the sale of all aviation fuel at the airport.”

“As a leading national network of FBOs, we take our responsibility to drive innovation and increased sustainability in the aviation industry very seriously,” says Atlantic COO Tim Bannon. “The carbon offset initiative here is a first of its kind programme for Atlantic Aviation and a great example of what's possible when we partner with communities that share our commitment to responsible environmental leadership.”

Atlantic Aviation has a strong track record for implementing sustainability initiatives and looks to continue to build on these initiatives in the future in order to achieve net zero greenhouse gas emissions for the Aspen FBO. Other programmes at Atlantic Aviation include efforts related to SAF, the use of LED technology and electric conversion of ground support equipment.

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