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Sikorsky pair to be deployed for CHC SAR
Milestone is a valued partner to CHC and already leases it aircraft that are deployed across a variety of missions including oil and gas, EMS and SAR. Two S-92s are on their way to the operator for rescue missions.
CHC is known for its offshore work.
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CHC Helicopters, one of the world's largest helicopter services and MRO providers, is to be supplied with two Sikorsky S-92 SAR helicopters from Milestone Aviation Group.

The two Milestone S-92s will be used to support a multi-year contract recently awarded to CHC by Norway's Ministry of Justice for SAR services. Due for delivery this month, the helicopters will be based in Tromsø, Norway, and will commence missions shortly thereafter.

CHC VP Brady Nicholls says: “We are delighted to expand our fleet with the delivery of these two SAR S-92 helicopters from Milestone. CHC is proud to have won the contract with Norway's Ministry of Justice, and these aircraft will help us meet our obligations in providing exceptional SAR service.”

Michael York, head of emerging markets at Milestone, adds: “Thanks to the strength and depth of our expert team, Milestone was uniquely placed to deliver these bespoke configuration S-92 helicopters. This agreement also further expands Milestone's commitment to mission-critical lifesaving SAR operations, and we are therefore immensely proud to support CHC in its SAR missions across Norway.”

Milestone already leases to CHC aircraft that are deployed across a variety of its missions including oil and gas, EMS and SAR.

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