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Eviation lifts the curtain on executive Alice cabin
Eviation has unveiled an executive cabin version of Alice that features a fully equipped galley with lavatory and sink, wardrobe, and seat panels with power and a foldable table. The aircraft could enter service in 2026.
The six passenger Alice concept cabin measures more than six ft across.
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All-electric aircraft manufacturer Eviation has introduced the design for the executive cabin version of its Alice aircraft. It features a fully equipped galley with lavatory and sink; a cabin measuring six feet, four inches across; a wardrobe; side panels at each seat with a foldable table, personal power outlet and USB slot; panoramic, 22 x 16.5 inch windows; and a baggage compartment of 100 cubic ft with a total baggage allowance of 850 lbs, spacious enough to accommodate skis, golfing equipment or bicycles. It is also ultra quiet, less noisy by a factor of more than 100 during take off and cruise compared to jet-fuelled counterparts according to the company. The pressurised aircraft has a payload of 2,500 lbs and a range of around 500 miles.

"Alice's executive cabin is the epitome of pure, all-electric elegance and a magnificent blend of beauty and technology," says CEO Omer Bar-Yohay. "We are shaping the future of travel through electric aviation, and it's thrilling to offer a glimpse into what business travel can and will look like in the very near term. Our executive cabin concept elevates the industry standard for interior design for this class of aircraft."

"We have received tremendous inputs and interest from the marketplace in this specific configuration, which played an integral role in its creation," adds vice president of sales Jessica Pruss. "It is electrifying to introduce the design today and announce that we are currently taking orders for the aircraft that will be delivered in 2026."

The Alice in executive layout is a six passenger, two crew aircraft powered by two magni650 electric propulsion units from magniX with Honeywell's advanced fly-by-wire avionics system. The single-volume, high-energy density battery energy system is made from currently available battery cells and technology, and is not reliant on future advancements for flight. These proven technologies and design elements make it easy for pilots to transition to flying the Alice and will accelerate the aircraft's path to market.

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