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Duncan Aviation moves Teterboro satellite to Meridian's hangar
Duncan Aviation has moved into Meridian’s hangar at Teterboro. It will continue to provide avionics repair and installation and has added some airframe-specific services as well; Meridian will continue to offer FBO services.
Manager of the Duncan Aviation Teterboro Satellite Jeff Glanville and Airframe Technician Michael Kotosky.

Duncan Aviation has moved its Teterboro, New Jersey satellite into hangar space provided by long-time Teterboro airport FBO Meridian. Following a year of discussions about both companies continuing to offer airframe services on the field, the two have agreed to offer complementary services to their customers. Duncan Aviation has gained FAA certification for its new facility and new airframe-specific services, and has hired former Meridian airframe technician Michael Kotosky to head its airframe team.

“Mike came to me and said he'd like to help build our airframe shop,” says manager of the Duncan Aviation Teterboro satellite Jeff Glanville. “And we feel fortunate to have him. With his expertise, we're building this from scratch. We've been approved by the FAA for airframe work, and our ops-specs now reflect that.”

“I knew about Duncan Aviation's avionics abilities, but until I visited its full-service facility in Lincoln, Nebraska I had no idea about all of the products and services it has to offer its customers,” says Kotosky. “I am amazed and grateful for the support I'm receiving from everyone throughout the company, and I'm especially excited for our airframe potential here in Teterboro.”

After attending Stratford School for Aviation Maintenance Technicians in Stratford, Connecticut and earning his A&P licences, Kotosky worked at Bombardier's Hartford service centre for four years and then joined the team at Meridian.

Duncan Aviation has provided avionics support at Teterboro since 1992, but the team would have to send customers elsewhere for airframe services. “I believe adding small inspections, Chapter 12 services (oxygen, tyre, strut and fluid services), brakes, and squawk work, among others, is a great convenience for our customers. Combined with the FBO services Meridian offers, we're now a one-stop shop,” says Glanville. “Less than 40 minutes away, we have our team at Morristown who can provide full battery support, and we have our rapid response team (RRT) located in Wilmington, Delaware, so they can come here and provide engine support for our customers who need it.”

Kotosky adds: “In the near future, we intend to add equipment and technicians and continue to grow our airframe services. We have a 1,500-hour inspection scheduled on a Global, and the Duncan Aviation RRT will be here to do the engine work. As an added convenience, billing for Duncan Aviation's services will go through Meridian, so there will be only one bill to contend with.”

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