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Western completes first 192 month Gulfstream inspection
Western's experienced Gulfstream service team now has the space to work on larger aircraft. A new 53,000 sq ft hangar can house up to six G650s at a time.
Western has completed its first 192-month inspection on a Gulfstream aircraft.

Boise, Idaho-based Western Aircraft has recently completed its first 192-month inspection on a Gulfstream G500 aircraft.

While Western has been working on large-cabin Gulfstream aircraft for the last couple years, lack of space to accommodate the expanded scope of work associated with those large airframes was a constraint. However, space is no longer a problem due to Western’s recent addition of a 53,000 sq ft hangar that can accommodate up to six G650 aircraft.

The 192-month inspection is the largest calendar inspection on a Gulfstream aircraft. This comprehensive structural review for cracks and corrosion includes the removal of the airframe’s interior and cockpit, as well as removal of the engines, APUs, the wings leading edges, horizontal and vertical stabilisers and more.

“Our team did an outstanding job,” says Gulfstream service manager Russell Crouch. “We have some extremely experienced Gulfstream technicians on our team. This project gave them a chance to share their vast knowledge with some technicians who are still learning about this airframe.”

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