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Wisk risks exposure at CoMotion LA
Since 2010, Wisk has designed and developed five generations of eVTOL aircraft and completed more than 1,500 test flights. Now it wants to showcase its current air taxi via a series of demonstrations and displays, starting in LA.
Wisk's fifth gen eVTOL air taxi is being showcased in LA.

US advanced air mobility company Wisk will be displaying its fifth generation, self-flying, eVTOL air taxi during November's CoMotion LA urban mobility event in Los Angeles. CMO Becky Tanner will also be presenting a keynote entitled “Those Who Leap”, that she says will focus on how, by taking a leap, imagination becomes possibility, and ideas become inventions and innovations that advance all of humankind.

“We're extremely excited to be an Impact partner for CoMotion again this year,” says Tanner. “Throughout history, there have been advancements that have fundamentally changed our lives and pushed us into the future with a leap. We are on the edge of another great leap; one that will take us from congested, ground-based, fossil fuel-driven transportation to cleaner, all-electric, everyday flight.”

This will be the first time that Wisk has publicly displayed its eVTOL air taxi in the US. To date its fleet of fifth generation aircraft has been reserved for testing purposes, accessible to the broader public only through flight videos and photos. The company is currently developing a sixth generation aircraft, and this marks the start of an enhanced public engagement effort designed to show firsthand the safety of the technology.

“We are incredibly excited to be displaying our autonomous eVTOL air taxi for the first time in the US, and to kick off our broader public engagement effort. We understand that the journey to everyday flight for everyone is not one that we can take alone, and we are proud to share with the public what we get the privilege to experience every day.”

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Wisk and JAL partner for autonomous Japanese operations
May 12, 2023
This latest partnership lays the groundwork for future Wisk air operations in Japan. The two companies will look into such things as type certification, MRO requirements and an introduction into national airspace.
ZeroAvia fuel cell development continues apace
March 15, 2023
ZeroAvia's team has made unprecedented deep tech breakthroughs by delivering a pressurised high temperature proton exchange membrane system, using conductive coatings enabling aluminium bipolar plates.
Joby puts propeller through wind tunnel testing
February 20, 2023
The test campaign will cover all tilt angles and speeds through the expected flight envelope, providing Joby with consistent and high-fidelity data on the performance, loads and acoustics of its propeller systems.