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Urban calls on Universal for eVTOL flight vision system
Urban Aeronautics aims to improve the safety of the CityHawk by integrating Universal Avionics' ClearVision Enhanced Flight Vision system, which it says will increase situational awareness and improve decision making.
The CityHawk will particularly benefit from Universal's technology during take off and landing in crowded and confined spaces.
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Israel-based Urban Aeronautics is to use Universal Avionics' ClearVision Enhanced Flight Vision System with the Aperture Advanced Video Management Device on its CityHawk air taxi and EMS vehicles.

This technology offers improved weather and traffic handling, heightened night vision and enhanced landing and ground movement by assisting the CityHawk in adeptly navigating city infrastructures. Universal Avionics will provide a wearable headset for pilots, a sensor package, a sensor fusion and augmented reality platform that together will provide a new level of situational awareness and improved decision making for the pilot of a CityHawk.

“Our mission at Universal Avionics is to shape the future of aviation by creating commercial avionics solutions that enhance safety and efficiency, and to deliver an outstanding customer experience. We are thrilled to bring our best-in-class technology to the urban air mobility space,” says CEO Dror Yahav. “We know eVTOLs are the future, and we're happy to have a partner that is both innovative and advanced with this unique technology.”

“This partnership is particularly exciting in that it offers the CityHawk and our pilots improved visibility and agility for every ride, whether it be transferring passengers from an office building to an apartment building downtown or evacuating a patient to a hospital,” adds Urban Aeronautics CEO Nimrod Golan-Yanay. “As a pilot for over 25 years, I know firsthand how powerful this technology is, and what a valuable step this partnership is in making urban air mobility a safe and enjoyable reality for both pilots and passengers.”

The announcement comes as Urban Aeronautics prepares to close its Series A funding round and follows its recent partnerships with London-based Skyports to explore requirements for eVTOL infrastructure in the Middle East region, and with California-based Hypoint to adapt hydrogen-fuel-cell technology for aviation.

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