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MedAire founder Garrett inducted into US NAHF
Joan Garrett has been inducted into the National Aviation Hall of Fame's Class of 2020, for being a visionary who has pioneered telemedicine and for founding MedAire.
Joan Sullivan, founder of MedAire, and inductee into the US NAHF class of 2020.

MedAire founder and chairman Joan Garrett was inducted into the US National Aviation Hall of Fame (NAHF) during the NBAA Conference, for being a visionary who pioneered telemedicine and for founding MedAire, which directs real-time safety services.

“The Public Law that established the NAHF entrusts us to recognise people who advance aviation with their life's work. Joan Sullivan Garrett not only revolutionised aviation, but she also transformed it and made the world safer for every single person in the air. She also set herself apart by achieving so much at such a young age. Her foresight, aptitude and impact make her more than worthy for induction into the NAHF,” says Amy Spowart, the NAHF's president and CEO.

MedAire is a provider of 24/7 integrated safety solutions for the aviation and maritime industries. Its products and services are on board more than 4,500 private aviation aircraft, over 1,100 yachts and are utilised by over 180 global airlines. Additionally, MedAire's assistance service and medical kits come standard on new aircraft from the world's top business jet manufacturers. In addition to medical assistance, equipment and training solutions, MedAire offers a suite of aviation security solutions to help flight departments mitigate risks to their people, aircraft and operations.

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