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Signature programme allows SAF offset credits at any airport
Signature's Renew Book & Claim leverages its network of SAF supply points. It is also powering fuel trucks with biofuel and introducing more electric ground service equipment.
The Signature scheme allows operators to purchase SAF offset credits at any airport using any FBO, regardless of the availability of the fuel.
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Signature Flight Support has launched a Renew Book & Claim programme that gives private aircraft operators the flexibility to purchase carbon reductions created by sustainable aviation fuel regardless of physical availability. The company says this allows operators to claim offset credit for SAF at any airport using any FBO, but also leverages Signature's network of seven physical SAF supply points.

The carbon reduction is made available for bulk purchase as with carbon offsets, but the environmental impact represents actual fuel consumed by aircraft. Interim CEO Tony Lefebvre explains: “The launch of Signature Renew's Book & Claim programme further demonstrates our commitment to net-zero emissions by 2050. Book & Claim will accelerate the adoption of SAF by providing an alternative mechanism to unlock the carbon reduction benefits of sustainable fuels, resulting in a cleaner environment starting today.”

The programme represents another milestone in a year filled with environmentally focused initiatives by Signature, including the completion of its 29th LEED certified construction project at the Atlanta Hartsfield-Jackson International airport, the use of biodiesel to power its fuel trucks and an increase in its electric-powered ground service equipment to nearly 10 per cent of its entire fleet. It has cumulatively uplifted over four million gallons of sustainable jet fuel throughout its network since September 2020, which it says accounts for a more than 10,000 tonne CO2 reduction.

Signature has also partnered to supply SAF to all new build A320 series aircraft manufactured by Airbus at its US manufacturing facility in Mobile, Alabama. All airline deliveries will be powered by a blend of SAF and conventional jet fuel supplied in partnership with World Energy.

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