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Colorado companies to offer peak air protection
Installation of the ACA system into the ECS ducting provides continuous disinfection action during the entire aircraft ground and air operation and is the key to complete and continuous defence against pathogens.
ACA is said to be a turn-key solution.

Peak Medevac International and sister company Haggan Aviation have partnered for the STC of the Aviation Clean Air (ACA) ionic air cleaning system installations in Learjet medevac aircraft, in cooperation with Peregrine Avionics, an aircraft engineering and certification firm located at Centennial airport in Englewood, Colorado. The system, part of a multi-layered disinfection programme, utilises ionic air cleansing to protect the medevac flight crew and patients from airborne and surface pathogens. The system installation data and supplemental type certificate (STC) ST01083DE is now available from Peregrine.

“With the continuing concern with the COVID-19 pandemic and our commitment to transporting medical patients with the greatest degree of care, we are confident that the Peregrine-developed installation of the ACA ionisation system improves the aircraft environment for our patients and crews,” states Geno Haggan, CEO of Peak Medevac, a medical air transport company that is also based at Centennial.

Installation of the compact ACA system into the environmental control system (ECS) ducting provides continuous disinfection action during the entire aircraft ground and air operation and is the key to complete and continuous defence against pathogens. All pressurised areas of the aircraft are infused with positive and negative ions that neutralise viruses and other pathogens using the ACA unique needle point bipolar ionisation (NPBI) system fitted to the aircraft ECS airflow.

“Working closely with Peak Medevac and Haggan Aviation, we jointly developed an installation for these aircraft popular in the medevac fleet. The system operates continuously without flight crew interaction, providing a turn-key solution for medevac operations,” says David Rankin, president of Peregrine.

Learjet 35, 35A, 36 and 36a models, the Cessna Citation 560XL and the Gulfstream G150 are covered by a Peregrine Approved Model List (AML) STC. Peregrine has previously received FAA approval of an AML STC for the Challenger CL-600-1A11 (600), CL-600-2A12 (601) and CL-600-2B16 series, Falcon 50, 900 and 900EX, and Gulfstream G-IV and G-IVSP aircraft.

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