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International security is key for MedAire as it expands
MedAire is adding two aviation security specialists and a security manager, who will support clients in Europe, the Middle East, Africa and the Asia Pacific.

MedAire says the number of requests for intelligence relating to travel to and in the Middle East region has increased as it continues to grow. As a result it has made significant investments to expand its regional footprint internationally allowing it to expand its staff and technology based operational resources.

It is adding two dedicated aviation security specialists and a security manager based in its Dubai operations centre. To support client led feedback MedAire has enhanced its aviation security content management system and technological capabilities.

Hany Bakr has been appointed as senior vice president aviation security and maritime to lead the international expansion and support the product development portfolio with online tools and capabilities. Bakr will support clients in Europe, the Middle East, Africa and the Asia Pacific regions by helping manage and mitigate risks to people, aircraft and operations.

“As organisations strive to manage aviation travel security risks to keep employees and customers safe, MedAire continues to invest, expand and enhance our best in class suite of services. Technology alone can't support an operation during a critical event, which is why MedAire continually invests in people like Hany each year in addition to tech investments,” says Bill Dolny, CEO MedAire.

Bakr brings over 20 years of experience as an aviation and security professional who has held executive leadership positions in airlines' airport operations, safety, quality and security divisions in the United Kingdom and the Gulf region. He was also the chairman of the Oneworld Alliance Security Group, chairman of the Arab Air Carriers' Organisation Security Intelligence Task Force, chairman of the Qatar Airways Security Risks, Threats and Security Action Groups and a member of the International Air Transport Association Security Executive Group representing 290 airlines.

“Global risks are increasing each day. From geopolitical instability to border restrictions due to the impact of COVID-19, the need for a local and regional presence to provide non-biased, timely aviation and maritime-specific advice has never been greater," Dolny concludes.

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