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Agusta makes a comeback as the VIP brand by Leonardo
The Agusta brand name has been resurrected from the original Italian helicopter company that developed the A109. The announcement took place at the newly opened Casa Agusta rotorcraft terminal in Dubai.
The historic Agusta name will be applied to VIP variants and terminals.
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Leonardo has launched a new VIP initiative to reinforce its position in the corporate helicopter market, as it pioneers advanced and sustainable air mobility solutions.

The Agusta VIP name draws direct inspiration from AgustaWestland, with whom it merged with in 2016.

Gian Piero Cutillo, Leonardo Helicopters MD, says: “With Agusta we give our VIP operators a strong brand that they can easily recognise and identify with, a sign that embodies their desire for excellence and quality with a personal touch and distinction, which includes their flight experience. We want them to be themselves before take-off, during flight and upon arrival at their destination, setting them apart from others. The strength and recognition of the Agusta brand legacy still continues to live on in this particular market segment.”

The growth and evolution of Leonardo's solutions across all applications over the last 50 years led to the creation of Agusta. The aim is for Agusta to become synonymous with outstanding performance, aerodynamics, advanced technology and high customisation levels.

The announcement took place at the recent opening of the new rotorcraft terminal, Casa Agusta, by Leonardo and Falcon Aviation Services in Dubai. The terminal will facilitate the mobility to and from the Expo 2020 site in Dubai.

The Casa Agusta design is based on a concept which combines a helipad, showroom and lounge areas in a single city based heliport. The terminal concept will support the development of a network of point to point connections for both urban transfers and connections between cities, while meeting the growing demands for sustainable and modern vertical lift mobility. VIP and charter services passengers will be provided with levels of service typically available in larger private airport facilities far from downtown and urban areas. Casa Agusta features an environmentally friendly design, which is modular through the use of recyclable materials and, if required, the terminal can be transported. Operator Falcon Aviation Services will use the terminal to deliver helicopter transport services.

Alessandro Profumo, Leonardo CEO, says: “The aviation industry of the third millennium is rapidly evolving towards new forms of mobility, with the aims of modernity, security and sustainability. Indeed, our aim is not just to build new bridges for the exchange of goods and services, but, most importantly, to foster the movement of people and new ideas, which are key to economic and cultural growth. Leonardo wants to be a driver of this transformation, leveraging the capabilities that distinguish us: high-end technologies, professionalism and people-centricity.”

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Italian Navy lends support to AW609 tiltrotor programme
July 1, 2024
The demonstration trials are the latest step taken under the activities carried out by a joint working group established in 2022 including Leonardo, the Italian Navy, the Italian Army and Guardia di Finanza.
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June 21, 2024
Proprietary software will support high-tempo, on demand air taxi operations. The software suite has undergone real-world testing over the past two years, leveraging Joby’s Part 135 certification.
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June 14, 2024
With the pilot production of ARC's Pegasus, P9 and C600 aircraft to be carried out in the UK, wider scale manufacturing will move to Saudi Arabia. Training could take place at Cranfield University.