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VeriJet has a clear vision for the light jet market
Cirrus introduced the Vision Jet in 2016, and the type has become a firm favourite with operators including Florida's VeriJet, which has 13. Passengers often describe the aircraft as 'amazing'.
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Florida-based Cirrus operator VeriJet says it has experienced phenomenal growth since its first revenue flights commenced in November 2020. The company has a fleet of 13 aircraft and recently initiated a Founder’s Club jet card programme to expand into new service territories. “We’ve signed agreements with three other Part 135 operators and exchange quotes and flights with them,” reveals company representative Bill Lannan. “Cirrus Aircraft makes some of the most popular propeller and jet aircraft in the industry. Cirrus introduced the Vision Jet in 2016 and sales continue to grow each year. Our fleet is composed exclusively of Cirrus SF50 Vision Jets, which I believe is advanced, fuel efficient and safe with a low carbon footprint.”

VeriJet also utilises Cirrus SR22 propeller aircraft for some short flights, charitable endeavours, and crew repositioning and training.

“The most common word found in feedback from our clients and passengers regarding the Vision Jet and Verijet service is ‘amazing’,” continues Lannan. “Passengers are pleased and amazed with almost every aspect of the Vision jet and our service focus. It is a remarkably quiet aircraft with a smooth ride.”

He says that the public and more businesses have become aware that private flying is more convenient, faster, significantly safer and more efficient and affordable than once thought. “Once the public understood that using private aviation cuts potential virus exposure touch points from over 700 to less than 10, demand blossomed. Demand continues to increase during multiple waves of the pandemic. Not to mention the attractive convenience and time savings for passengers. Our repeat booking rate continues to grow dramatically each month. Even as a young airline, we have very high standards.”

The operator recently added three Vision Jet G2s to its fleet, and expanded its region of operation to California.

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