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Jet It opens its doors to Canada with first jet
As international borders reopen, Jet It Canada owners, who purchase anywhere from one-tenth to one-half of an aircraft, will have full access to private travel in a twin-engine jet aircraft without meeting large groups.
Jet It HondaJets will soon be seen in Canadian skies.
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Jet It, a North Carolina-headquartered fractional operator, has taken delivery of its first Canada-based aircraft: a HondaJet.

As travel reopens, Canadian travellers can now take advantage of the new day-based fractional ownership model for their domestic and international trips. With this expansion, Jet It and its sister company JetClub become the first private aviation company in the world to have three geographic operating territories: Europe, the United States and Canada.

As international borders reopen, Jet It Canada share owners, who purchase anywhere from one-tenth to one-half of an aircraft, will have full access to private travel in a twin-engine jet aircraft without the risk of large groups, security lines or the cost of traditional private travel. The Jet It day-based model offers full concierge service, flight crew and access to the aircraft for the entire day. Owners only pay for the occupied flight time per hour with no additional reposition, fuel surcharge or landing fees, a price point previously unavailable in Canada.

According to Jet It co-founder Vishal Hiremath: “Jet It and JetClub have focused on these three territories to provide even more value to our aircraft share owners. No other private aviation company can provide a consistent experience across North America, Europe and Asia to owners who are traveling abroad.”

Jet It Canada's Jeremi Austin adds: “We Canadians love to travel and with the travel restrictions lifting the freedom of having a spacious six passenger private jet to go whenever and wherever we choose at the Jet It value, is the smartest way to travel. 2021 has been a phenomenal year for Jet It as we have continued globally expanding our private aviation services into Canada. We have received demand from interested owners and aviation enthusiasts. Canadians are looking for more convenient and safe ways to travel and with Jet It they have both. We’re fortunate because people still need to travel during these challenging times. It’s one of those essential services and, as a result of that, we’ve been able to continually grow during 2021.

“When the pandemic first began, our biggest challenge was adjusting our communication and the method and frequency of cleaning our aircraft. Safe travel gained a new meaning. Typically safety was a discussion around the quality and experience of our pilots or the redundancy and safety features of the HondaJet, but we had to adjust how we communicated with our customers to also include the health of our pilots, how they will wear masks at all times on duty, how we had company wide discussions about testing and responsibility outside of the workplace. We increased our discussion around our normal practice of cleaning the jets before and after every flight.”

Through the remainder of the year, Jet It will continue to tour across Canada meeting with prospective owners. It will be teaching its Harvard Business School case study at various higher education institutions in Canada. “Our goal is to inspire the next generation of aviation entrepreneurs and meeting with business school faculty and staff,” Austin concludes. “As Ernst & Young Southeastern award winners of Entrepreneurs of the Year Award, we are now eligible for consideration for the Entrepreneur Of The Year 2021 National Awards, which will be announced on 13 November.”

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