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Metro offers a safety boost to IFR pilots
Metro Aviation recently worked with Foreflight to increase each pilot's situational awareness by providing a map overlay of IFR approaches. The company has added more than 300 approaches and departures to its EFBs.

Shreveport, Louisiana-headquartered aeromedical operations provider Metro Aviation is constantly looking for new opportunities to maximise safety efforts, and recently added an extra layer of safety for pilots flying under Instrument Flight Rules (IFR).

Single-pilot IFR in a helicopter requires high levels of skill, training and professional aptitude. Metro has recently worked with Foreflight to increase each pilot's situational awareness by providing a map overlay of IFR approaches. Capitalising on ForeFlights ‘Bring Your Own Plate’ option, the company has added more than 300 proprietary point-in-space geo-referenced hospital-based approaches and departures to its EFBs.

“This upgrade enhances our IFR operations from two perspectives; first, it allows us to have our proprietary approaches and departures quickly accessible and at our fingertips. This feature is extremely beneficial from an efficiency perspective in the IFR environment,” says Metro pilot Matt Johnson. “Second, and more importantly, this upgrade provides us with enhanced situational awareness by helping us visualise exactly where we are during the various segments of an instrument approach or departure from a hospital.”

Director of operations Brian Bihler adds: “Our pilots are now able to quickly pull up these approach and departure procedures just like a normal approach plate. We are constantly looking for ways to not only enhance safety in our operations but also provide our pilots with the best tools available for situational awareness and efficiency.”

Johnson concludes: “This forward-thinking enhancement made by our senior leadership shows Metro's commitment to the safest operations for its pilots and customers.”

Metro Aviation is the largest traditional air medical operator in the US, providing pilots and technicians for more than 150 aircraft across the country.

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