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Flying Colours completes intricate swirling paint design
A Flying Colours G650 now boasts a sparkling pearl/mica Diamond Mine base coat surface combined with an intricate design incorporating stripes and complicated swirling patterns. This required several complex steps.
The G650 is a real head-turner on the ramp.

Flying Colours, the North American MRO and completions business, has optimised its advanced paint preparation and application facility at its Peterborough, Ontario headquarters to perform a complete strip and subsequent high-tech repaint of a Gulfstream G650.

On completion, the G650 fuselage boasted a sparkling pearl/mica Diamond Mine base coat surface combined with an intricate design incorporating curving stripes and complicated swirling patterns. To achieve the striking results a specialty bisect-clearcoat polyurethane paint incorporating translucent pearl and mica granules that generate a crystal-sparkling effect was applied after the priming process. A metallic colour pallet featuring concord blue, dusk grey and medium silver colours was subsequently used to complete the scheme. The need for mirror-images to appear on the right- and left-hand sides of the aircraft, along with incredibly detailed specifications about distances between stripes, colours and patterns added to the complexity. The design is so intricate that even when viewed from above, the pattern is precise. The multi-faceted process required technical expertise and intense attention to detail to achieve a fuselage that will be noticed on any ramp.

“This really tested our team's capabilities but they welcomed the challenge, and the client is delighted with the result,” comments executive VP Eric Gillespie. “The quality of the completed work demonstrates the incredible talent and expertise of our paint team and highlights that the investment we made into the state-of-the-art paint shop pays dividends in realising our clients' visions.” The customer has already confirmed that the aircraft will return to Peterborough for interior work this summer.

Flying Colours' expert paint technicians execute a wide variety of paint techniques including electro-static and chromalusion applications at the advanced Peterborough facility.

The new paint shop was designed with functionality and sustainability in mind. Climate controlled, the pressurised cross-draft paint booth is 138 ft wide and 158 ft deep with the tail height reaching 55 ft. The booth is equipped with 168 energy efficient lights that simulate natural day light to optimise paint colour matches and visibility for technicians. The sanding, paint, purge and cure application sequence reduces environmental impact through intelligently designed air recirculation and exhaust systems, which decrease the amount of heat needed to operate, while reducing the amount of paint emissions released into the air.

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