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iAero won't be on thin ice thanks to NHL contract
iAero Airways flew eight NHL teams in 2019, but has swelled this to 12 in 2021. Teams will fly from Arizona, Boston, Carolina, Chicago, Columbus, Dallas, Florida, Nashville, New Jersey, New York, Pittsburgh and St. Louis.

US charter operator iAero Airways, one of the companies within the iAero Group aviation investment platform, has expanded its National Hockey League (NHL) air charter programme from eight NHL teams in 2019 up to 12 in 2021. These NHL teams, which represent half of all US-based teams, comprise: Arizona Coyotes; Boston Bruins; Carolina Hurricanes; Chicago Blackhawks; Columbus Blue Jackets; Dallas Stars; Florida Panthers; Nashville Predators; New Jersey Devils; New York Islanders; Pittsburgh Penguins; and St. Louis Blues.

“Establishing a long-term partnership with such a distinguished organisation as the NHL brings great pride to the iAero Airways team,” says iAero CEO Robert Caputo. “It reinforces our strategy to continually improve our product offering with investments into the latest technologies and cabin amenities available in the market ensuring comfortable, safe, and reliable travel for our customers today and for years to come.”

iAero Airways has partnered with agent Private Jet Services to assist with contract and service administration.

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