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The Crew Collective intends to unite flight attendants globally
Two experienced flight attendants are pooling their talents to create an online community packed with resources for flight attendants. The aim is to support what can at times be a very stressful industry.
Emily Webb and Rebecca Spinks say the flight attendant industry has been disconnected for too long.
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For our Perspectives series, we talk to experienced business aviation industry professionals who share with us their individual insights and offer a window into their world. This month's interviewees are corporate flight attendants Rebecca Spinks and Emily Webb. The pair are the co-founders of The Crew Collective, an online platform and community that helps flight attendants look after their physical and mental wellbeing.

“The role of a flight attendant is wonderfully unique but it comes with its challenges. With flying careers spanning 17 years and counting, we can certainly relate to feeling stressed, lonely and isolated at times, but more than that we recognise the uniqueness of the role of a flight attendant.

Realising a mutual longing for a sense of community and support within our roles, we have created a platform to bring together a disconnected industry. The Crew Collective is a virtual home for connecting thousands of likeminded aviation professionals, providing a sense of unity and support that we feel has been absent for far too long.

We champion self-care and focus on the lifestyle of both corporate and commercial flight attendants, on and off the aircraft. Our intention is to inspire genuine change within our society by showcasing and sharing information and experiences, and providing support among a community of individuals who otherwise have very little in the way of easily accessible resources.

Joining The Crew Collective unlocks a world of tailor made resources dedicated to improving the lives of flight attendants worldwide. This ranges from easy to access information directories and mental health support to inspirational and educational workshops and tutorials, as well as discounts on carefully selected flight attendant-relevant products. We’ve pulled out all the stops to ensure that we’ve included something for everyone, no matter what stage of their aviation career they are at.

We listen to our community and move with them, constantly growing the platform to encompass the lifestyle of both corporate and commercial flight attendants across the globe.

Wellbeing is at the heart of The Crew Collective, and we recognise the benefits of a sense of belonging for physical and mental health and the social ties that accompany this as a protective factor in helping manage stress.

There are extreme highs and lows that exist within the lifestyle of a flight attendant, and we actively support our community by signposting relevant professional resources and support services that can help. Mental wellbeing is just as important as physical wellbeing and maintaining both is vital to staying fit and healthy.

We have recently teamed up with the brilliant We are Hummingbird, a non-profit mental health and suicide awareness organisation, to help break the stigma and spread the message. We are Hummingbird is a community of music lovers who have united to spread awareness of mental health by using music as a platform to encourage people to open up and engage in conversation. The organisation is helping us to support the flight attendant community through a host of useful resources including a jargon-free, easy to digest and aviation specific ‘Wellbeing Workbook’ which we are distributing globally within FBOs, and it is also available to download from our website. The workbook is packed full of tips and advice on how to identify and control depression and anxiety, particularly within the role.

It's fantastic to see so many fellow flight attendants returning to the skies following such a tough time for the industry, but now more than ever our community needs support. We are incredibly grateful for the continued assistance of operators, FBOs and other aviation organisations in helping us to reach flight attendants worldwide.”

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