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FreeFlight digital to analogue converter cleared by FAA
The FDC-500 ARINC-429 digital to analogue converter will allow more opportunities for operators to go digital while keeping their original analogue panel indicators. It is a good fit for legacy business aircraft.

FreeFlight Systems, specialising in avionics design, development and manufacturing, has received Technical Standard Order (TSO) approval from the US FAA for its FDC-500 ARINC-429 digital to analogue converter. This TSO approval will allow the FDC-500 to meet the FAA aftermarket replacement requirements for an OEM aircraft part.

The FDC-500 has been designed to provide operators with a seamless replacement option for their existing legacy Honeywell KRA 405/405B radar altimeters. According to Tim Taylor, president and CEO of FreeFlight Systems, this TSO will grant more flexibility for operators requiring a certified radar altimeter upgrade.

“This is a significant achievement for the FDC-500, as it will allow more opportunities for operators to leverage this converter while keeping their original analogue panel indicators,” explains Taylor. “The FDC-500 is an ideal retrofit solution for legacy business aircraft, and this TSO will ultimately increase its customisation capabilities on board more aircraft.”

Released in October 2020, the converter has been engineered for regional, airline transport and heavy rotary-wing business aircraft platforms. When paired with FreeFlight's RA4000/4500 radar altimeter, the FDC-500 provides a replacement for heavy, legacy radar altimeters while retaining current antennas, cabling and indicators onboard an aircraft.

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