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Preferred pricing and carbon offset on offer to GJC clients
The CleanFlight carbon offset programme can be implemented when a client commences an operating lease, finance lease or loan with Global Jet Capital. Verified offsets can be purchased to reduce greenhouse gases.

Global Jet Capital is introducing a new CleanFlight carbon offset programme. In partnership with Foundation, a US-based non-profit organisation, this new programme will provide Global Jet Capital clients with preferred pricing and a simplified process when they choose to offset the greenhouse gas emissions related to their business aircraft through the purchase of verified carbon offsets.

GJC president and COO Vivek Kaushal says: “We created this programme to help raise visibility around the impacts of climate change and provide our clients with a vetted option to offset the impact of their aircraft operations on the environment. The programme is completely voluntary and provides our clients the flexibility to acquire a level of carbon credits consistent with their operations. Though this is not intended to satisfy government regulations regarding environmental mitigation, our partnership with provides our clients the assurance of acquiring verified carbon offsets from a trusted and globally recognised partner.”

The CleanFlight carbon offset programme can be implemented when a client commences an operating lease, finance lease or loan with Global Jet Capital. The team will support Global Jet Capital in estimating the carbon footprint size associated with the client's anticipated use of its specific aircraft. This will be based on the fuel burn associated with the make and model of the aircraft, anticipated annual operations and desired years of coverage. Upon acquisition of the carbon offsets, will provide appropriate certifications for the client's records.

All voluntary carbon offset projects that supports are third-party validated and verified to one or more of the internationally recognised standards by organisations including The Gold Standard, Verified Carbon Standard and American Carbon Registry.

Third-party validation/verification companies include various global environmental and engineering consultancies such as Bureau Veritas Certification Holding, Environmental Services, EPIC Sustainability Services, First Environment, LGAI Technological Center, RINA Services, Ruby Canyon Engineering, SCS Global Services and Environmental Services, and TÜV NORD CERT.

All validation, verification and monitoring reports for all registered voluntary carbon offset projects are publicly available on the registries maintained by each of the international standards.'s project management team reviews these documents for compliance prior to selecting projects to be supported.

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