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Duncan passes 250 installations for Gogo Avance L5
Gogo Avance L5 delivers faster speeds and enhanced network capacity, enabling activities such as live streaming video and audio, video conferencing, smartphone use and remote diagnostics while in flight.
Gogo Avance L5 connects to the Gogo Biz 4G network.

Duncan Aviation will be installing its 250th Gogo Business Aviation Avance L5 in-flight wi-fi system in a Gulfstream GV-SP at its facility in Lincoln, Nebraska. Using one of the nine STCs developed by the company's engineering and certification department, the Duncan avionics technicians will perform the company's 250th full-equipment installation of this popular, reliable wi-fi system.

“The long, productive relationship between Duncan Aviation and Gogo Business Aviation provides a significant benefit to our mutual customers,” says Duncan's sales manager of modifications in Lincoln, Nebraska, Nate Klenke. “Because of our confidence in the performance and reliability of the Gogo Avance L5, our engineering and certification services teams have invested in the development of numerous STCs and AMLs, covering the full-equipment installation of the system in more than 30 aircraft models. Duncan Aviation is pleased to have installed the Avance L5 in 250 of our customers' aircraft.”

Gogo Avance L5 connects to the Gogo Biz 4G network, delivering faster speeds and enhanced network capacity, enabling activities such as live streaming video and audio, video conferencing, personal smartphone use, real-time data for cockpit apps and remote diagnostics and support while in flight.

“The Gogo Avance L5 wi-fi system has become one of the popular standard offerings recommended for the business jet market, particularly business travellers who need high-speed data connectivity for passengers,” says avionics sales rep Brent Hudecek. “The Duncan Aviation team is excited to have sold and installed 250 of these systems in many different makes and models of jet aircraft, and we look forward to selling many more in the future. We are confident that Gogo will stand behind this reliable product and continue to enhance its network.”

For a limited time, Duncan Aviation is extending the free-of-charge period for Gogo Text & Talk and Gogo Vision subscription services to one full year. Gogo Text & Talk lets an aircraft's crew and passengers use their personal smartphones and devices to call and text in the air just as they do on the ground. Gogo Vision lets passengers enjoy blockbuster movies, hit TV shows, popular magazines, flight maps and more on their own devices during flight.

The Duncan Aviation STC covers the Wi-Fi certification and full equipment and antenna installation required to provide in-flight connectivity to the Gogo Biz 4G network. All of the STCs that the Duncan Aviation teams have completed for this Gogo Business Aviation system are available throughout the US and can be installed at any of Duncan Aviation's three full-service facilities and at many of its satellite shops and workaways. Additionally, Duncan Aviation has sought and received approval from TCCA for the STCs on the following makes/models: Global Express, XRS, 6000; Global 5000; Challenger CL-650, CL-605, CL-604, CL-601-3A and CL-601-3R; Challenger 300, 350; Gulfstream GIV, G300, G400; Gulfstream GIV-X, G350, G450; Falcon 900; Falcon 900EX (EX, EASy, LX, DX); Falcon 2000; Falcon 2000EX (EX, EASy, LX, DX, LXS, S); Cessna Citation 680; and the Cessna Citation 750.

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