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Arrival of a further Falcon makes for a harmonious fleet
Harmony Jets has capacities to perform VIP, diplomatic, cargo, repatriation and medevac flights on a weekly basis. It is offering specific customers an all in one product for high ground threat environments, using Falcons.
CEO Pierre-Olivier Edouard says his jets often fly where other operators do not wish to go.
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Maltese AOC operator Harmony Jets has purchased a Falcon 100 refurbished with a Universal Avionics suite. The aircraft has been undergoing maintenance in the US and was recently delivered back to the operator. “This new aircraft will allow us to be able to deal with an increasing number of flight requests,” states CEO Pierre-Olivier Edouard. “Harmony Jets is recognised as a trusted operator by international companies and state agencies, which has created an additional capacity need. This Falcon is the fastest light jet ever produced, and also one of the most modern and innovative built by Dassault, to this date with no equivalent in its category. It can carry up to eight passengers.”

In the coming months, an additional Falcon 900B and two Cessna C501 will also join the Harmony fleet. It currently flies five aircraft comprising four Falcon 100s and a Falcon 50.

“The Falcon 100 is reliable and affordable in terms of costs per hour, making it a very competitive aircraft on the market,” Edouard adds. “It is easily convertible in ambulance, and is able to fly fast, up to Mach 0.80. The Falcon 50 is successful too; we operate it worldwide. As a worldwide operator, we do not have a specific mission profile or destination. We are selected to go where the others usually are not interested, and at the best possible price for our client. We have real expertise in remote area and conflict zones. We have capacities to perform VIP, diplomatic, cargo, repatriation and medevac flights on a weekly basis. We are offering to specific customers an all in one product for high ground threat environments.” Harmony has developed expertise and know-how of north Africa especially Libya, Algeria, Tunisia and Morocco as main destinations but also elsewhere in Africa and the Middle East, such as Niger, Chad, Gabon, Congo, Dubai, Bahrain, Saudi Arabia, Lebanon, Israel or even Yemen.

“We operated in Yemen last summer, where we were the first EU operator to perform a flight in years,” Edouard goes on to say. “We have also operated recent flights between Israel and Morocco, Libya (Benghazi, Tobruq, Tripoli and Zuwara), which are for us usual operations. In the particular context of COVID, the Falcon 100 has also operated medical flights, some of them down to Kinshasa. We have performed COVID evacuations from desert working bases, using specialised COVID chambers. We developed specific transport processes closely with our doctor team. We also provided fast response cargo transport of medical tests and medicine, as well as the repatriation on the Falcon 50 of patients on multi legs trips, from the Far East. With our sister company Harmony Aircraft Services we operate fast response AOG operations everywhere in the world for our maintenance customers.”

The pandemic added complexity to Harmony operations, especially with restrictions changing from one country to the next. The company adapted its structure by staffing its operations department more than before, to continue offering more flexibility to clients. “Despite the unstable period around the world, our activity continues to increase,” concludes Eduoard. “For example, each of our Falcon 100 operated about 900 hours of flight within 12 months.

“We are positioning an aircraft in the Caribbean for new customer requests, and we are working on developing our operations in South America.”

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