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Flightline's reliability leads to COVID call-ups
Flightline has experienced plenty of interesting activity over the past year, including one flight to transport a key from Romania to Spain so that a factory could be opened. It expects to add more aircraft this year.
Flightline aircraft can transport up to seven pallets at a time.
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Spanish cargo specialist Flightline is hoping to add a further aircraft to its fleet this year. The company has more than 25 years of experience with the Metro Liner SA226/7, and commercial director Nacho Isla says the fleet has been flying all round Europe and north Africa.

“Our aircraft can transport up to seven pallets at a speed of 240 kts, so we can complete a flight from Vigo–Peinador airport in Spain to Gothenburg-Landvetter airport in Sweden in about five hours and 45 minutes. We do work mainly for automotive, oil industries, perishables, valuable cargo, animals and regular cargo flights. We have multiple destinations; we are moving from one part of Europe to another every day. We recently flew with a key for a machine from Romania to Spain as the factory couldn't start working without this key.”

Following a difficult first few months of the pandemic, Flightline has been increasingly called upon, which Isla says is due to its reliability. “Customers started to call us to transport materials related to COVID, and it ended up being a good year of business in 2020. Our plan for this year is to put another SA227 in the air, if all goes to plan.”