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SAD upbeat about appointments for next generation
It's all change at Scandinavian Avionics Design. Erling L. Linneberg has handed over the reins to Troels M. Lund as head of design, and Michael R. Truelsen is taking over from his father Hardy B. Truelsen as chief executive.

Scandinavian Avionics Design (SAD), a Danish provider of avionics modifications and part of The SA Group, has been preparing for a generational change in its management roles for more than a year, in order to secure a smooth transition and retention of vital experience and know-how throughout the organisation. After recently celebrating his 40th anniversary as an employee within The SA Group, Erling L. Linneberg expressed a desire to start the handover of management responsibilities to his successor. The handover process is now complete, after SAD received the final approval from EASA on its new management structure.

“Erling has been with The SA Group since the beginning, and his solution oriented and flexible mindset, along with his likeable personality, has been a huge contributor to The SA Group and where we are today,” states Hardy B. Truelsen, head of The SA Group. “That is also why we are happy that Erling is staying onboard, taking on a more detail oriented role as a special programmes engineer for the years to come.”

Linneberg adds: “My work with The SA Group has been a journey of a lifetime, and I am happy that I can now step down into a position where I can make my experience count and go back to where it all started; designing and delivering customer oriented solutions in individual projects.”

To take over from Linneberg, SAD has named Troels M. Lund as head of design, after joining its team back in 2018 with the ambition to grow into this position. Lund has now obtained sufficient knowledge about the company's system and procedures and, with his more than 30 years of aviation experience in multiple management roles, he is happy to be back in the design environment. “I am first of all an avionics engineer by heart, and I have found that my passion is best exploited within the DOA area, where I have spent a vast part of my time in aviation,” he comments. “Working in an organisation like SAD, where we have an extremely versatile customer segment, and striving to push boundaries every day, is a perfect fit for me.

In addition to the head of design role, SAD is also shifting the chief executive position, where Michael R. Truelsen is taking over from his father, Hardy B. Truelsen. “We are in the midst of our generational change in The SA Group as a whole, and this is a natural next step where Michael will take over as chief executive in SAD,” says Hardy B. Truelsen.

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