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Airwork wet floor to protect CHC AW139s in harsh conditions
CHC's AW139 rotorcraft fly in some of the harshest and most demanding environments in the world. A new wet floor designed by New Zealand's Airwork will provide a protective barrier for the cabin floor.
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CHC Australia is the launch customer for a lightweight, cost effective AW139 wet floor for EMS/SAR and offshore configured Leonardo AW139 helicopters. The floor, designed by New Zealand Part 145 Airwork, has obtained a Civil Aviation Authority of New Zealand (CAANZ) STC, and is available in two variants for helicopters configured for either permanent EMS/SAR or offshore passenger transfer services requiring a rapid role change capability.

The Airwork designed AW139 wet floor is already installed in AW139 helicopters operated by CHC for EMS/SAR missions in Australia. These aircraft fly in some of the harshest and most demanding environments in the world and the new wet floor will provide a protective barrier for the cabin floor and preserve the reliability and availability of its aircraft from the detrimental effects of saltwater ingress and other fluids that are harsh and corrosive to the helicopter’s structure.

CHC Helicopters Australia fleet project manager Nigel Kerr says: “The wet floor solution Airwork designed for our fleet provides a lighter, more cost-effective solution than other options in the market. A key inclusion was provision for our rotating traversing medical seat into the STC, enabling a more flexible and efficient cabin layout for our operations.”

The new AW139 wet floor is designed and manufactured from light-weight composite material, including 3D stainless steel printed parts, and is easy to install, preserving the structural integrity and crashworthiness of the helicopter. It incorporates seat tracks and tie down provisions that sit flush on a durable, non-slip surface floor, preventing snag or trip hazards, and provides a safer and more protective work area for rescue and medical crews.

An application is currently with the FAA for STC validation, with approval anticipated during May 2021.

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