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Baldwin e-Training certifies safety managers
Baldwin's safety manager certification programme includes 12 courses. It is designed to encompass the essential topics that a safety manager needs to understand to effectively manage the organisation's SMS.
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Baldwin Safety and Compliance has introduced a new e-Training programme for safety managers. The self-paced virtual programme covers key SMS topics and results in a certification for the safety manager with an ongoing recurrent component available.

Jason Starke, director of standards, says “Our goal was to not only provide the ‘what’ portion of the safety manager's responsibilities but to also demonstrate the ‘how’ to implement an effective safety management system. We take a personal approach to the training through instructor presentations and interactions with assignments to make it as collaborative as possible. We are excited to add this new programme to our virtual training offerings.”

The safety manager certification programme includes 12 individual courses, each comprised of multiple modules. It is designed to encompass the essential topics that a safety manager needs to understand to effectively manage the organisation's SMS. Each course includes quizzes, a test, and a training course outline. After successful completion of all 12 courses, a certificate will be issued noting the number of hours of study completed. The recurrent course will require completion of four topics and is available to meet any recurrent frequency. The safety manager programme is in addition to the SMS Recurrent, Initial SMS Training for the Frontline, and Leading through IS-BAO courses.

Baldwin is also continuing to grow its automated Internal Evaluation Program (IEP), introduced last autumn. Its 24-month cycle provides higher engagement than the recommended three-year or less cycle and involves 10-15 curated question audits that are delivered for completion every month through a Baldwin portal. This allows users to evaluate their organisation more frequently, using short, applicable audits to ensure required and recommended risk controls are in place. Questions have been designed to not only assess risk management, but also organisational excellence through Baldwin's IEP.

The emergency response ER Alert feature was also recently added to the Baldwin portal and allows subscribers to easily alert and monitor teams of an accident, incident or other event. It has live or drill functions that provide a central location to manage an event, including checklist execution, and report on the success and lessons learned of the response upon conclusion of the event.

“We continue to add features to our programmes to expand safety and quality in flight operations. Both the IEP and ER Alert enhancements have been well received, and we continue to see increases in participation by our customers,” Starke concludes.

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