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Three Phenom 300s join the fold at GrandView Aviation
GrandView Aviation now has ten Phenom 300s, a Sikorsky S76-D and a 2020 Bell 407 GXi. It is forecasting additional base launches, fleet development and personnel hiring in its role as as a nationwide charter operator.
GrandView's haul of Phenom 300s has reached double figures.

GrandView Aviation, Maryland, has announced the delivery of three new Embraer Phenom 300s to supplement its operational growth. The company has continued to gain momentum amid the pandemic and is forecasting additional base launches, fleet development and personnel hiring to support its role as a nationwide charter operator. GrandView now has ten Phenom 300s, a Sikorsky S76-D and a 2020 Bell 407 GXi.

The company recently launched a base in Scottsdale to mark its fifth location and second opening in recent months. In addition to its new Arizona site, GrandView also operates out of bases in Baltimore, Austin, Chicago and Atlanta. GrandView will further its geographic expansion with three more locations slated for 2021.

“Going into 2021, a safe and private way to travel has never been more important, and we are expanding our base locations to meet more customers where they are,” says GrandView Aviation COO Jessica Naor. “With 10 Phenom 300 light jets in our fleet now, we are transitioning from a regional operator to a national provider of light jets for charter. With modern aircraft, pay-as-you go pricing, free Wi-Fi and two hour dispatch times, we are bringing a level of quality to the industry that traditionally required owning your own aircraft.”

The nationwide initiative provides added locations for customers to enjoy the benefits of GrandView's Miles programme. Those enrolled in the programme are able to earn miles on charter flights that can be redeemed for catering, flight credits and other amenities. The programme also offers utilisation of GrandView's flexible cancellation policy and empty leg specials.

In an effort to provide additional service offerings built upon its successful foundation, GrandView is in the early planning phases of developing a future pay per seat subsidiary set to launch next year. The compilation of growth projects, new tails and added departure points has also fuelled its increasing personnel base which is expected to reach more than 80 employees by 2021.

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