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FalconConnect customers benefit from redesigned portal
The FalconConnect dashboard will enable customers to use software to manage their connectivity services for the cockpit and cabin through one application. FalconConnect customers are redirected to Honeywell Forge.
The technology will provide an operational boost for customers.

Honeywell has released a redesigned FalconConnect portal for Dassault FalconConnect customers. Via their subscriptions with FalconConnect, current Dassault FalconConnect customers will have access to this expanded enterprise performance management offering powered by Honeywell Forge.

The new FalconConnect dashboard brings together in-flight connectivity, flight planning/optimisation and flight database services in a single platform for a seamless user experience. It provides high-speed in-flight Wi-Fi, hardened aviation cybersecurity, real-time data and alerts, aircraft tracking and monitoring, flight planning and efficiency tools, and always-on support.

“The new FalconConnect portal will provide the same quality of services that customers love, but now customers will have a singular connection to access their FalconConnect service subscription,” says Jean Kayanakis, senior VP of worldwide Falcon customer service and service centre network, Dassault Aviation. “Included are all the FalconConnect offerings, such as flight planning, flight database and cabin connectivity software, services and applications, and we will continue to add new features in the months ahead.”

The FalconConnect dashboard will enable customers to use connected software to manage their connectivity services for the cockpit and cabin through one application. The powerful, insightful and flexible portal allows customers to use an intuitive dashboard to manage nearly every aspect of their business aviation operations.

“The new FalconConnect software platform will better enable customers to improve operational performance and achieve their most important operational objectives,” adds John Peterson, VP and general manager, software and services at Honeywell Connected Enterprise, Aerospace. “This portal brings together the best connectivity and productivity tools to enhance and manage our customers' flight experiences.” All FalconConnect customers are now being redirected to Honeywell Forge for FalconConnect.

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