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Bye says hi to investment from Seoul's Aerospace9
Aerospace9's purchase deposits with Bye Aerospace include 150 eFlyer 2s, 148 eFlyer 4s and two Envoys with an option to acquire an additional 100 aircraft. Bye is in the process of seeking FAA certification.
Chairman Seunghyuk Cha, Aerospace9 and Chairman and CEO George Bye.

Bye Aerospace, developer of the eFlyer and Envoy family of all-electric aircraft, is entering into agreements with Aerospace9, headquartered in Seoul, Korea, under which Aerospace9 has agreed to an investment in Bye. Aerospace9 has also made a large commitment to the Asian market opportunity by signing purchase deposit agreements for 300 Bye Aerospace aircraft. Governmental approval may be required for the Aerospace9 investment.

“We are extremely honoured to share with Aerospace9 in this extraordinary announcement,” says George E. Bye, CEO of Bye Aerospace. “We are on a rigorous path to achieve FAA certification on our eFlyer 2 aircraft, and once that approval is obtained, to begin production on our expanding backlog of orders.”

The number of future purchase agreements for the company's aircraft is now 711 units, comprised of two-seat eFlyer 2 primary trainers, four-seat eFlyer 4s and the soon-to-be announced twin-motor nine-seat Envoy. Aerospace9's purchase deposits include 150 eFlyer 2s, 148 eFlyer 4s and two Envoys with an option to acquire an additional 100 aircraft.

“This investment is not just a purchase contract, it is a very meaningful contract that creates an amazing opportunity for Asia,” says chairman Seunghyuk Cha of Aerospace 9. “Our company has a very important responsibility in the aviation industry as a new strategic partner of Bye Aerospace.”

Bye Aerospace is in the process of seeking FAA certification for the eFlyer 2 for the professional flight training mission and the eFlyer 4 for air-taxi and advanced training uses. All of Bye Aerospace's current and future families of aircraft feature engineering, research and electric aircraft solutions designed to answer compelling market needs. Benefits include five-fold lower operating costs, no CO2 emissions, and decreased noise. The eFlyer will eliminate the release of millions of metric tons of CO2 each year for flight training alone.

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