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Becker receives audio panel STC for Piaggios
The AMU 6500 was designed with a variety of customers in mind, and is a robust, cost-effective audio panel that combines 3D audio, bluetooth and up to 12 transceiver positions. It is programmable by the customer.
The Avanti II and the Avanti EVO are covered by the Becker STC.

Becker Avionics has been awarded a Part 23 STC for the installation of the AMU6500 audio panel. The STC covers the Piaggio P.180 series aircraft, including the Avanti II and Avanti EVO.

This STC was designed with simplicity and ease of installation in mind. The whole modification can be performed quickly and during a planned maintenance event, where the obsolete Baker Electronics M1035/M1045 audio panels are removed from the instrument panel. By adding a new audio panel mounting bracket and a small harness adapter, the new AMU is installed. When purchasing the STC as a kit, it is delivered with all required components, including two AMU6500 digital audio panels, two adapter harnesses, two Audio panel mounting brackets, technical data package and the right to use letter/letter of authorisation.

This STC was made possible with the collaboration of Intercontinental Jet Service Corp. (IJSC) based in Tulsa, Oklahoma. IJSC is an authorised Piaggio service centre and the only authorised sales channel for this STC. Joe Hensley, avionics manager of IJSC states: “This STC will allow owners and operators of the Avanti to reduce costly repairs to their ageing audio systems while incorporating the newest technology.”

“The Becker AMU6500 is designed as a modern direct replacement to a variety of audio panels that are experiencing obsolescence and just aren't economically repairable,” adds David Oglesbee, director of sales and marketing of Becker Avionics International. “We are very excited by the capabilities of this audio panel and the eager acceptance we are seeing from the market place.”

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