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The monthly news publication for aviation professionals.

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Honeywell forges its native platform with ForeFlight Dispatch
By combining Honeywell Forge with Boeing ForeFlight Dispatch, pilots and operators will have access to their preferred services available in the Honeywell Forge ecosystem, compatible with the ForeFlight app.

Honeywell is to integrate Boeing's ForeFlight Dispatch product with Honeywell Forge, a robust platform of comprehensive services tailored for the business aviation market. By incorporating Dispatch, ForeFlight's web-based advanced flight planning offering within Honeywell Forge, flight departments of all sizes will benefit from greater control over fleet operations with a single solution for planning, tracking, datalink and operational needs. ForeFlight Dispatch gives flight departments a powerful and reliable global flight planning product that works with ForeFlight's mobile flight deck application.

“ForeFlight Dispatch delivers a step-change in flight planning capabilities, beginning with ultrafast computation of globally valid routing optimised for your aircraft performance. Dispatch also makes it much easier to get work done across the flight department by integrating with third-party solutions up and down the value chain, from scheduling into the flight deck,” says Tyson Weihs, co-founder and CEO, ForeFlight. “By integrating ForeFlight's flight planning products within Honeywell's Forge solution, together we are meeting our customers' long-sought-after goal of achieving better operational results and reducing workloads.”

Through this combined solution, pilots and operators will have access to their preferred services available in the Honeywell Forge ecosystem. That ecosystem brings together key operating services into a single view with closed-loop alerting, connecting pilots, operations, scheduling and maintenance. Operators can choose and save their preferred services, while keeping them integrated, synchronised and updated as their needs shift or fleets change.

“The digital approach we've taken with the Honeywell Forge platform lets us adapt to better serve our customers. After listening to pilot and operator needs, we set out to lower the number of separate flight services that business aviation customers manage,” explains John Peterson, VP and general manager, connectivity services and software, Honeywell Connected Enterprise. “Honeywell's integration of ForeFlight Dispatch removes one of the biggest barriers to streamlining services, the tension of switching, and brings a trusted and popular flight planning service to Honeywell Forge.”

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